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Message Subject Imagine sending your kids to school and having this thing "teach" them...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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We don't live in a time anymore where there are only 2 gender identities. People need to to get used to it even if they don't expect it. You have the choice of what school to put your kid in. Why don't you just leave people alone. What other types of people do you hate? Just Lgbtq or are you racist as well? Just curious
 Quoting: Iamcatking2021

Actually millions of parents who "have a choice" of which schools they can send their children to no longer have that choice because of the HUNDREDS of thousands of ILLEGAL CHILDREN coming into this country and taking those spots. And yes, there are only male and female, maybe an occasional chimera with both sex organs. But just because someone chooses to have their dick sawed off and balls shoved up or their vag stretched into a deformity, it doesn't change the biological FACT that they are still one or the other, no matter WHAT YOU SAY.
Furthermore, the "raacciisstt card" is way overplayed anymore.
That's a fact too. Most people get along with each other just fine. It's the deceived liars who can't think for themselves who overuse the racist bullshit card and piss and moan in order to make their point. The ONLY people who even use that outdated term are the biggest racists of all.
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