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Message Subject Imagine sending your kids to school and having this thing "teach" them...
Poster Handle Mooney
Post Content

We don't live in a time anymore where there are only 2 gender identities. People need to to get used to it even if they don't expect it. You have the choice of what school to put your kid in. Why don't you just leave people alone. What other types of people do you hate? Just Lgbtq or are you racist as well? Just curious
 Quoting: Iamcatking2021

1. I'm not going to get used to anyone's mental issues.

2. Parents don't have much of a choice when a district limits what school they can attend based on address. As more schools become infiltrated by this crap, moving constantly becomes impractical. Home schooling is not practical for parents who have to work, especially single parents. Private school is unaffordable for most people. So NO, parents don't have a meaningful choice of what school to put their child in.

3. Kids should not be talking about or concerning themselves with what gender they think they are. That is usually answered at birth, and by having these freaks shove this garbage down their throats at 4 years old(it said it teaches 4yr olds in the video) it messes them up for life.

4. It is not about hate, because I couldn't care less about what these disturbed people want to do in their personal life, but when they come after the kids and constantly seek my affirmation is when there is an issue. A line crossed.
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