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Message Subject SCOTUS ruling pointless for 32BJ union - 300,000 members forced to vaxxx
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
what the SCOTUS did yesterday is a 3/4 lose for the Americans, it was pure charade of a decision

they decided like the Government can not enact the mandates, but private businesses can still do it, so if you're living in Liberal ruled areas, you're fucked

another point is, that hospitals that get the MEDICARE AND MEDICAID aid, means the Government is refunding 70% of their operating and servicing costs, will also have to mandate it per the SCOTUS ruling, so in essence

the plan is this, on the long run, they'll seek to destroy the small and medium businesses in order then for the Government to have the chance to bail them out, thus if they'll want the money that will save them from bankruptcy, you'll get the funds, but you'll need to take the jabs same as those above mentioned hospitals and the people working in them

it's basically a tool to destroy the Capitalism and usher in Communism, in the end, the agenda is to NATIONALIZE these businesses and operations, with one word, CORPORATIZATION (The result of corporatization is the creation of state-owned corporations (or corporations at other government levels, such as municipally owned corporations) of everything you know and in order to work, do businesses with them, you'll have to take the jabs, see how this works...the plebs always get fucked heh
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 75992367

WOW. too_sad
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 81798124

Yup! And ultimately the privately owned CDC (yea, a private company) will bring in tons of money for uncle same for licensing mrna tech.

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