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Message Subject ALERT!!!!! Alert--MAJOR 5G ROLLOUT 1/19 -- (911)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Meh.... been in the UK for ages. My workmate praises it as he gets 350MB/S downloads, I am on the fence but really I doubt this is an issue really tbh, I think the whole 5g thing is a distraction...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 41708032

We are talking the GHz and THz spectrum only reserved for the military until Trump you Qtard shill

Since you're such an expert, please explain to us why a 5G tower needs to be calibrated in the first place

Then please tell us the name of the calibration device used to calibrate a 5G tower and then tell us the military application that the calibration device was initially designed for

Then please tell us the name of the defense contractor who produces this calibration device and the date it was patented and put into service

Please provide the links to any evidence regarding the safety testing on humans conducted by the Trump Administration before he fast tracked and funded the 5G vax passport infrastructure that his closest advisors in the White House are heavily invested in from the companies and websites and labs used to enforce the testing and mandates that Trump pretends to be against

When I graduated boot camp at Fort Benning, we were briefed at the gas chamber, that the CS gas we were inhaling was the diluted civilian version, and that the weaponized version can be sprayed as a chemtrail, that can crystallize your alveoli in your lungs, resulting in asphyxiation and ultimately death

Microwave weapons have been around since the Korean War and are highly classified hence why the telcom industry was given the same idemnity immunity that big pharma also has

5G can be actually aimed for mass crowd dispersal or it can be surgically utilized with a specific BIOWEAPON payload that can kill you

Our government even studied chemtrail cloud dispersal using mustard gas a century ago

5G encompasses and incorporates multiple weapons systems for command and control

5G = Ebola


Thread: Harvard’s Charles Lieber holds U.S. Patent - 5G radiation vibrates 'drug' particles from preset nanotubule containers. (Page 4)

Thread: Dr. Charles Lieber Coronavirus 5G his own study 2015

Thread: Exposing Harvard's Chinese Agent And Nanoscientist Charles Lieber's "Virus Transmitters"

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 81627788

 Quoting: G3

Thank you for the bump my brother

What's most significant about this nanotechnology is that graphene can be magnetized when stimulated with 5G radiation pulls the iron out of cell at a systemic level resulting in massive hemorrhaging similar to what we would see with Marburg and Ebola as theorized by many murdered virologists

Your courage will become contagious

Thread: Did WHO Announce A New Pandemic Virus Called Marburg?

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