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Message Subject PAUL JOSEPH WATSON: The Decay Of America
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
lol....it is race/color above all.

Maybe you'll like to rephrase it as POCs are more "leftist" than Whites?

Still boils down to race/color!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 81193198

That's partly correct.

Studies and surveys through the decades have shown that over 90% of black people are of the left, favor the Democrat Party, prefer "lefty" politicians and "lefty" policies.

Same thing with a high percentage of the GLBT, people in a certain well-known ethnic/religious group, people in Hollywood, people in Silicon Valley, people in Beijing, China or Caracas, Venezuela.

All that liberalism/leftism has made America nastier, meaner, greedier, more unethical, more dark-hearted.

Thanks, Liberals. You're the best.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76034035

They're all POC you mentioned (Black, Brown, Yellow).

Why the Democratic Party is increasing its voter share constantly and wins more frequently, as the POC percentage increases.

While the last Republican to win the popular vote was GWB in 2004. The POC are now even taking the electoral college votes.

[link to i.imgur.com (secure)]

that chart, based on American voting statistics, clearly shows the POC are very strongly Democrat, while White people are strongly Republican.

A COLOR/RACE based split!

And no amount of excessive verbosity spewed about liberalism, conservatism, leftism, communism, etc, can change that fact.

Its the COLOR/RACE silly!

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