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Message Subject The Very Fact That You Describe The Supreme Being As A Humanoid With Human Characteristics Shows How Childish And Primitive You Are.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It also explains why you have ZERO respect for nature and think you should have dominion over creation.
 Quoting: I Can't Even 81745453

Can't you read?

People are just repeating what was written in ancient days.

People have dominion over things because they do.

The beings who made Man made him in the Image of God they had seen. The Nag Hamamdi records it as it was known in older times.

No scientist can explain what the experience is we are all having. It is all they try and do and yet they have not found out anything that explains it.

Now if you were educated you would have read the Nag Hammadi (as every educated person does) and you would know the story for what it is.

When you go into space you use a space suit.
When you go int this environment we use a human suit. This makes you think you are a human, you are not, you just were a flesh suit so you can be at this place.

When they saw God he was wearing his flesh suit. They could not overcome him or dominate him. He mocked them roundly and told them Humans would be their downfall.

So like fools they made their own versions, us, to study us so they would have complete control over us as trap the power of God so they could exploit it here.

That is why Humans have The Power of God in them. We were designed to Trap a piece of God by The Archons so they could use us to be as powerful as God was to them.

The problem for them is we are willful beings who don't do as they are told.
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