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Message Subject Ivermectin. Does it really work?
Poster Handle Hyper Star
Post Content
May I ask how one would use this horse paste and what kind of dosages. All that kind of stuff.

As I am not a horse. But is useful to know if other people need help. Or if I ever need it myself one day.
 Quoting: Hyper Star

if you're doctor is a friend, have him prescribe you the pills.

not the fucking horse paste. thats for...well....horses.
 Quoting: 1-2-Follow

My doctor is under pressure. It would be awkward for him to do that. I don't want to get him into trouble. He sent me the website as answer to my question. He doesn't seem on the mRNA side. He is an old man now. Known him 15 years.

He doesn't seem overall impressed with all this vaxxine and pfizer tablet stuff it seems. He prefers the things he knows actually somehow works. The traditional things.
 Quoting: Hyper Star

pressure? how would anyone even know unless you told them he prescribed it?
 Quoting: 1-2-Follow

The situation for medical professionals is awkward and even politically sensitive.

It is times like many health professionals are audited and even monitored. The freedom of speech contrary to any government narrative is ever becoming tighter and more regulated.

I hope you might understand the severity of situation these days. For a lot of people. For all kinds of circumstances. Whether it's people like you and me... Or health professionals. You name it... The world we live in...
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