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Despite Government and Mainstream Media Demonization the 3D Printed Gun Business is Booming


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01/14/2022 02:55 PM

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Despite Government and Mainstream Media Demonization the 3D Printed Gun Business is Booming
For generations, advocates of private gun ownership have been fighting exhaustively through political channels to protect their right to keep and bear arms. Gun owners even have one of the strongest lobby groups in Washington, the highly disappointing NRA. Yet over the years, gun rights continue to diminish in America, despite the constant political campaigns by the NRA and politicians who claim to support gun rights.

However, in the past few years, one guy with a good idea has managed to do more to protect gun rights than the NRA has in decades of political involvement. Cody Wilson is the founder of “Defense Distributed” and the “Wikiweapon” project, which allows anyone with a 3D printer to create their own untraceable gun in the privacy of their own home.

While alarmists claim that 3D printed guns will be the end of humanity, the fact is that these plans have been online on torrent and dark web sites for years and we’ve yet to see an onslaught of violence with them.

What’s more, as the gruesome murder-suicide on a college campus in Walnut Creek, California illustrated is that people don’t even need these plans or 3D printers if they want to make their own untraceable gun. Scott Bertics built the gun he used to shoot himself and Clare Orton without anyone knowing and entirely through legal measures.

Psychopaths who want to cause harm to others will cause harm to others using any means necessary. Limiting the ability for law-abiding citizens to protect themselves will never change this.

Wilson makes no secret that the intention behind distributing CAD files to create homemade guns is to make gun control measures obsolete and bolster the Second Amendment, which is under continual assault from anti-gun activists.

[link to fromthetrenchesworldreport.com (secure)]
Big change is coming. Many are not going to like this because, in some cases, their whole idea of what is real is based on a lie. As Materialism intensifies,and depravity proliferates and insanity becomes more and more common, you are going to get what you get until Mr. Apocalypse cleans the kitchen