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Message Subject Discussion of the bs surrounding yearly mammograms -- Is this cash cow actually hurting us?
Poster Handle BarbaricYawpSounder
Post Content
Thermography is the way to go. By the time a mammogram pics up abnormal cells it's usually too late.

If your body has contained-encapsulated-damaging cells in teh form of a cyst or tumor the pressure of mammogram could feasibly release what your body contained.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78754511

I have read the same thing about biopsies, that the needle spreads it throughout the breast and sort of releases the bad cells, whereas if everything had been left alone, the thing would never have spread.

Also, I don't understand why if there is a need to look at breast tissue, why the ultrasound isn't the way to go since it does not emit massive radiation the way a mamo does.

I just don't get it. We have safer diagnostic tools, why are they always pimping the mamo.

I no longer trust these people. They have lost my respect completely, we will have to question every single thing going forward.
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