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Message Subject Discussion of the bs surrounding yearly mammograms -- Is this cash cow actually hurting us?
Poster Handle BarbaricYawpSounder
Post Content
I am not making a comprehensive case here, just opening up discussion about this because I am always nagged by my docs to get more regular mammograms.

The data shows that the perception of the value of a mammogram does not equal the truth of the matter. From everything I have seen, routine mammograms in asymptomatic people add radiation to breast tissue for no reason. There are many false positives as well as many surgeries and chemo treatments that devastate immune systems and damage the body that are done on cancers that would never have grown or become problematic, but were "detected."

This makes mammograms a cash cow.

I have other stuff wrong...actual major illness stuff...and it is like pulling teeth to get callbacks to schedule the procedures. But with a mammogram, these assholes will call you to death repeatedly, the hospitals have telemarketers with a sales script that will harrass you to schedule.

I think routine mammograms are utter bullshit. Since their inception, deaths from breast cancer have increased, not decreased. Show me their efficacy, please.

While we're at it, show me where the billions spent on pink ribbon bullshit have changed breast cancer deaths in any significant way. I see no evidence of that, either. Still more bullshit surrounding breast health.

I trust the medical people less than ever after the events of the past two years. Much of medicine is a scam.

Change my mind.

 Quoting: BarbaricYawpSounder

Thank you for opening up this delicate subject. Yes, docs heavily push the mammogram because the hospitals have a lot of money wrapped up in the equipment and they have to make it pay for itself. I have a lump found at age 16 and am now in my 70's. My old hometown doc advised against doing a biopsy for all things you stated and guess what...it's still there and no cancer yet.
 Quoting: Thoughtmaker

Precisely. My understanding is that autopsies that have been done of very old people who died peacefully of natural causes often show the presence of cancers that were just sitting there doing nothing.

I am not making little of this...my own mother died of cancer at the young age of 52. I'm just saying...where is the rationality in the treatment approach? None of it is about saving lives...starting with the destructive food pyramid and the psychos of big pharma...every level of modern allopathic medicine is corrupt.
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