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Message Subject Discussion of the bs surrounding yearly mammograms -- Is this cash cow actually hurting us?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I've got the bad gene from what killed my granny when it comes to breast cancer but I'm 63 and never would let anyone irradiate my breasts to check for lumps.

I do my own self check about once a month in the shower.
I have no lumps.

I am like you, I think a lot of it is bs to make money.

When I was in my fertile age, if always get a few nodules now and then that would come and go with my hormones shifting with my cycles.

My school has every teen girl scared to death over it.

My breasts are even healthier now that I don't have periods, absolutely no nodules either.

When and if I get my granny's brest cancer, I'll definitely know it as her breasts swell so much in just a few weeks that her nips became inverted before dying.

I've heard of women having their breasts completely removed over the "bad" gene, very expensive to do, more$$$.

Medicine is just a profit machine.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76538212

One thing that helps with cysts is iodine. We are all deficient and I think there is a connection to benign cysts.
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