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Virus = Dead cell debris…. So…..

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01/14/2022 03:15 PM

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Virus = Dead cell debris…. So…..
Who are those people in the media telling us there is a virus? And that it is dangerous. And that it might kill us all.

Don’t they have any knowledge or do they lack the skills to do a little research?

Is it normal for people called president or doctor to be used as puppets to misinform people?

Why are these parrots all talking the same shit , at the same time all over the world. Like an orchestra.

How can so much ignorance be tolerated? The answer is probably that the people are ignorant too. Or just don’t know how to protest against something so huge. So cunning.

A little knowledge will help.

Maybe that it’s already been posted on GLP.

But it’s a must see for those who haven’t seen it yet but search for facts and arguments.

Because ignorance might be plain evil…

[link to www.bitchute.com (secure)]
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