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Message Subject Klaus Schwab (World Economic Forum) and Xi of China
Poster Handle 2012Portal
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A winged tiger is one of the 4 evil beasts of Chinese mythology.

Hundun: represents Chaos. A creature without a face, but sometimes depicted as resembling a ferocious bear or dog. Hundun is also believed as the primordial and central chaos in Chinese mythology

Taowu: represents Ignorance. Often depicted as resembling a boar or a tiger, spreading ignorance amongst the people.

Taotie: represents Gluttony. Depicted as not having any body, just the head of a ferocious beast that seeks to devour everything.

Qiongqi: represents Deviousness. Looks like a winged tiger that instigates war, eats people, and commits various other malicious deeds.

Can't post the source.
 Quoting: Doctor Congo

Thank you. That brings, perhaps, new light to what he means with:

..."we must "add wings to the tiger" and act with the courage and strength of the tiger to overcome all obstacles on our way forward."
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