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Message Subject Klaus Schwab (World Economic Forum) and Xi of China
Poster Handle 2012Portal
Post Content
A winged tiger is one of the 4 evil beasts of Chinese mythology.

Hundun: represents Chaos. A creature without a face, but sometimes depicted as resembling a ferocious bear or dog. Hundun is also believed as the primordial and central chaos in Chinese mythology

Taowu: represents Ignorance. Often depicted as resembling a boar or a tiger, spreading ignorance amongst the people.

Taotie: represents Gluttony. Depicted as not having any body, just the head of a ferocious beast that seeks to devour everything.

Qiongqi: represents Deviousness. Looks like a winged tiger that instigates war, eats people, and commits various other malicious deeds.

Can't post the source.
 Quoting: Doctor Congo

The creature is in wikipedia: [link to en.wikipedia.org (secure)]

Always described as a monstrous winged tiger that eats people.
"adding wings to the tiger" may mean a new disease will be unleashed, one that is more scary. In fact, the new disease will have necropathic traits. Your flesh will die and rot, as if eaten by an unseen god, similar to the bubonic plague.
 Quoting: Doctor Congo

Wow Doctor Congo, that is very interesting, albeit extremely concerning. I noticed that this "Qiongqi" is similar to the Japanese Kamaitachi, which,

"Kamaitachi... and can also refer to the strange events that this creature causes.

They appear riding on dust devils and they cut people using the nails on both their hands that
are like sickles. One would receive a sharp, painless wound."
Source: [link to en.wikipedia.org (secure)]
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