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A Division of energies could be upon us

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01/26/2022 11:27 PM
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A Division of energies could be upon us
If I'm wrong I'm wrong, but if I'm right, you might want to pay attention. There's no proof for what I believe is to come, but if through your own perception you think there could be something to what I'm saying, then pay attention. Use your own observations to come to your own conclusions.
Everything is energy which we know to express as in either a positive or negative state. This includes all of life in its most minute state to its largest. Systematically, this system encasing the energy will pull apart and allow the negative energy to sit without the positive energy.
This means that we humans in our energetic states will either go to the negative state or the positive state and we, for awhile will not experience duality.
In duality we have given many names to the positive energy and the same for the negative energy. There are as many worlds that experience only negative energy and just as many expressing in the positive.
Think Heaven and Hell.

When we pass, we revert to our energetic state which is pure energy. We are individual aspects of a greater Consciousness which is energy expressing in a infinite variety of states.
The body, mind and spiritual being are all contained within a state of energy. Everything we think and express is energy.
We are in a state of duality which when together create creates both negative and positive energy.
Our true self within is the soul. The soul is a ribbon of life energy that has a certain frequency which can change from negative to positive or visa versa. Think free will.
So the important thing to know is that whatever energy you are currently expressing will determine if you go to the negative world or the positive world. Your vibration will determine at what level you are at.
Nothing is going to judge you, other than you.
No punishment, you determine your frequency.
Live every moment as if the next may not occur.