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Subject Over 10 Percent of Tesla Model S EVs Fail Germany’s Strict Inspection After 3 Years
Poster Handle 7..X.LePsihoLog
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While Tesla has become one of the foremost players at the cutting edge of electric vehicle technologies, it has for a long time struggled to match traditional automakers in terms of industrial output and, crucially, quality. News from Germany brings the issue into clear focus, as Tesla's Model S has come out rather unfavorably versus its EV competition, as reported by Merkur.de.

In Germany, rigorous automotive inspections are regularly carried out, first after the car has been in use for 3 years, and then every 2 years after that. Testing was traditionally handled by organizations operating under the TÜV banner, and while deregulation has brought more competition into the area, the regular vehicle inspections are still colloquially referred to as the "TÜV."

less than 50 %....

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