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Message Subject Two Minute Trucker Truth Bomb (must see)
Poster Handle clemmens14
Post Content
God bless those truckers, but this is madness. His message is madness. They don’t want to return to the communist dystopian future that is killing everyone and they are prepared to be martyrs, so let’s protest this shit….but please no air sirens or train horns because we don’t want to scare anybody, please no vulgar language or yelling or any kind, and above all else be peaceful and at peace if you come here because the last thing we want to do is fight with the government….talk about systemized. Wouldn’t it be easier to just walk to the police station already in handcuffs to save them the trouble?

The system doesn’t care if you protest it or support it, it only cares that you engage with it. Hate it or love it, Republican or Democrat, left or right….the system doesn’t give one shit about those things. Currently the system, by system I mean all western governments, is pissing everyone off intentionally. They want you to protest, they want you angry, they want you to eventually rebel. The system is basically picking a fight with us, baiting us to take a stand against it. It is doing that because it knows they can’t lose. The only way the system loses is if the people stop engaging with it, stop investing parts of themselves to the system. By protesting and eventually rebelling , you are doing exactly what the system needs you to do right now.

I get wanting to protest and take a stand. 10 years ago I was all for it. Now, however, when the system is practically begging us to take a stand, the time for peacefully protesting has past. Good luck to you though. I apologize for being vulgar in my comment in this peaceful protest thread.
 Quoting: clemmens14

Lay off the heavy doses of Hollywood man. The time for peaceful protest has past? Where is your protest then? Go then you gung ho good.(actually please don’t) . Simmer down and love. Extrapolate dude. Non-compliance is the strongest form of collective resistance. It’s peaceful now, we will stay peaceful. We are like water.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 79607865

Heavy doses of Hollywood? I wasn’t saying storm in like William Wallace. Lol. I WAS saying if you are going to protest at this point in the game at least make it non-peaceful.

Yes, the time for peaceful protest past long ago. If the system wants you to protest, and you protest, that isn’t non-compliance brother…it’s compliance. The system wants you to rebel. Eventually it will squeeze us all until we do. That, too, will be compliance. You really don’t understand what’s happening in our world. That’s ok. You soon will, unless you absolutely choose not to. We don’t have the system panicked. The system has us panicked. Smh….
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