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Message Subject Russia, the US, and what's really happening.
Poster Handle The Årtist
Post Content
That sounds plausible, but just one thing.....China is the most dependent country in the world on fossil fuels. Their air quality sucks, the standard of living for the majority of China sucks.

China can NOT produce all the food needed to feed all the Chinese people. They have way too many people & not enough resources. They know it, everyone knows it.

The Russian people are waking up. They don't want a world war anymore than Americans do. They are not as brainwashed as one might believe. They went thru their break up years ago.

I'm OK with America not being the police of the world. I'm OK with us making our own right here in the US. I'm OK with America first. I'm also OK with Russia & China first. Or Canada first.

We all need to be mutually beneficial to each other. Having the Chinese make all of our electronics sucks. They are cheaply made & don't last. It's time we start producing things that are quality & last for years. Same goes with computers that can be upgraded as necessary, instead of replaced.

Times change, needs change. It's time for a change for the better.

Ukraine is just a distraction & a shitshow. No ones buying it!
 Quoting: Justthefacts12345

This is correct too. What this really is is the powers that be having a last ditch effort to maintain their control and power.
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