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Message Subject Russia, the US, and what's really happening.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Everyone needs to put their US or Russian flags down and look at this from 30,000 feet.

What's really going on?

First, the US and it's allies are trying to expand NATO, something they agreed they'd not do, into Ukraine. Putin and Russia have long been a "go to" boogie man for the US political system, even before the Soviet Union. Hell, Andrew Jackson accused Quincy Adams of giving the Russian Czar American girls for his pleasure while the Ambassador to Russian during their presidential campaign in the early 1800s. So this is nothing new.

As for Putin, he's losing favor in the country, he also needs a war or something. He's fighting not only to prevent the expansion of NATO but his own political life and control and power, so he'll do whatever it takes to keep that going. If that means taking back land that traditional Russians have lived on, so be it... that's a "hero" move for him. Take your bias out of it and just see it for what it is.

For the US, the consequences are much more dire. We're on the precipice of losing our domination over global finance. With issues like Agenda 2030, the seemingly global adoption of cryptocurrencies, and the moving away from fossil fuels, the world will have no use for or dependence on the US Dollar. Moreover, as countries like China and Russia and the EU move to make certain cryptocurrencies "legal tender" is takes all of our financial sanction punishments away. It takes all the money out of our system and makes money private, not government monitored.

A great example of what's going on is with this lawsuit with Ripple and XRP. The SEC and the US government are claming it's a security and it needs to be shut down. Why? Why are they doing this when the European Union, Russia, the Bank of England, and nearly every non Chinese Asian nation is starting to use Ripple and XRP? Ripple's business IS to replace SWIFT and ACH and cross border payments. This takes all monitoring, control, and power away from the US. And instead of finding ways to integrate the technology and work with these kinds of crypto fintech companies, the US sues them. The result WILL BE the rest of the world walking away from us and not needing us AT ALL. This will make us a third world nation very quickly, especially with the social divisions we have that have been manufactured to divide us for more centralized government power.

The US has done some pretty awful shit in the world, from causing revolutions, civil wars, coups, and the installation of brutal dictators. We go against countries like Syria that were pretty westernized non extremist nations because they sided with Russia, for example, yet stay allies with countries like Saudi Arabia. But those nasty things are what allow us to quit our job, walk outside with a t shirt with Fuck Biden on the back and BLM on the front and go bowling... if we want. All those things we love or take for granted here are because of our nefarious actions and control we have over the world. That control is slipping.

And just like typical American behavior, we react emotionally instead of responding critically with reason. We ALWAYS wait for a Pearl Harbor, a 9/11 crisis before we do anything.... and this is why we are probably fucked now.

This country needs unity. Russian government needs unity with it's people too. Nothing rallies the masses around the flag better than a good old fashioned war. And after that war, all those things that were hindering "progress" can be fully adopted.

Russia and the US are just doing what they feel they need to do to advance their points of view. The leaderships see it as the only way for survival. And with the technologies in place to completely replace the current economic system, you can bet your ass something is going to happen.

As stated in other threads, there must be a reset. A war is how that's done.

Whether that's by design by some cabal or just a natural cyclic progression of human behavior, I don't know. But at this point is doesn't matter.

What does matter is positioning yourself for all out war, total economic collapse, and everything that entails. If you're smart / lucky and survive, you will have the opportunity to come out the other side with generational wealth. Be as independent as you can.

Good luck, be nice, and fucking pray... because I think shit is about to go sideways fast.
 Quoting: The Årtist

Or how about Ukraine is a bread basket and the Russian are suffering under current sanctions, so taking Ukraine makes sense because the only additional sanctions anyone can really slap on them would affect the oligarchs since the people are already suffering.
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