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Subject How will aliens contact us? Declassified NSA document reveals top theories
Poster Handle 7..X.LePsihoLog
Post Content
We might not have to visit distant worlds to encounter aliens. They might try to contact us.

Brad Bergan
By Brad Bergan
Feb 11, 2022 (Updated: Feb 11, 2022 15:56 EST)

Statistically speaking, we're probably not alone in the universe. We have Fermi's Paradox to help us ponder this probability.

Considering the abundance of stars likely to have planets like Earth — where liquid water, life, and a temperate atmosphere host life — alien civilizations may have already arisen, thrived, and become interstellar.

For aliens, visiting other galaxies may be as easy as earthly trips between home and Taco Bell.

If this is the case, we might not have to settle distant worlds to encounter them. They might try to contact us.

It's a scary and exciting thought, but how will aliens contact humanity? A declassified National Security Administration document reveals how some of the world's top scientists think alien intelligence might try to make contact with the human race.

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