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Q may have been a psyop…but they were right on all accounts

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 77047877
03/24/2022 12:16 AM
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Re: Q may have been a psyop…but they were right on all accounts

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 82561200

The name of the Russian Operation is Z - The tattoo on JFK Jr’s right arm is Z

Figure it out.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 80619335

Odd that the Russian delegation at the UN last week, never once mentioned China ever working with Fauci still

Yet still not one mention of the same lab in Wuhan at the UN almost like this accidental admission was an orchestrated concession to steer the conversation away from the obvious again until after the midterm elections?

We don't know what we don't know because the new senile puppet won't even acknowledge Wuhan 2 years later just like the last Administration's old orange trojan horse puppet still hasn't mentioned these BIO-LABS in Ukraine that lead from there to Wuhan and back to DC through Israel as I have proven repeatedly

Just when we were finally getting the media to acknowledge Wuhan, now it will be covered up and forgotten about again because of the WW3 false flag, as heart attacks and strokes from Trump's miracle vax were finally being addressed, while the same Qtards are now pushing the WW3 false flag, waiting for Putin to come rescue them, to steer the conversation away from the obvious until after the midterms...

Meanwhile President Don Trump just praised Zelensky again in another interview over the weekend, going as far as saying that the Russian Invasion of Ukraine is tantamount to a HOLOCAUST, by concluding this passed weekend that America needs another 911 type false flag, to use as justification to nuke Russia

The reason is because the entire objective of this GLOBALIST BOLSHEVlK REVOLUTION, is to get those that would be most likely to resist this GREAT RESET, to play both sides against the middle, to kill one another instead for maximum profits

KGB Agent Putin is a vaccinated and boosted FREEMASON, who has mandated the vax for the Russian citizenry

Thread: PUTIN'S VACCINE PASSPORT: starting Monday in Moscow, you must be vaccinated and obtain a QR code to enter all restaurants, cafes and bars (Page 5)

Thread: Donald Trump: Russian invasion of Ukraine is ‘holocaust, (Page 2)

Thread: Trump jokes that US should pull a false flag and bomb Russia (Page 2)


 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77047877

JD, if you worked any harder to keep Biden in the White House I'd have to wonder if you and Hunter where tag teaming teeny-boppers and doing you weight in lines of coke in Communist China.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 80619335


GLP falls for another manufactured false flag distraction

All part of the script as Undersecretary Victoria Nuland confirmed already

Even Senator Rubio revealed their next false flag by warning of a BIOWEAPONS ATTACK in Ukraine

Odd that during the last 2 years of COVID, even the new Administration still won't acknowledge Wuhan, yet confirms the existence of the same labs in Ukraine

The irony, that because GLP revealed their next EVENT 201 2.0 false flag, about Ebola and Lassa Fever and Marburg, now they're resorting to their contingency PSY-OP of "bird flu" and smallpox, because the military already receives a smallpox vax upon deployment, thus allowing the government to become the solution, to a problem they're manufacturing, using our tax dollars in Wuhan

No matter how you Cambridge Analytica Qtard Shills here try to spin this as another win, Russia sure didn't invade their other neighbor China, who is complicit in working with his supposed sworn enemy, on GAIN OF FUNCTION research for a BIOWEAPON, so naturally what does Putin do?

Destroys the evidence for them that follows the money laundering trail back to Israel and China and DC

Instead of citing the Wuhan BIOWEAPON'S LAB at the UN by using the same IRAQ WMD legal precedent to invade Ukraine as the Qtards want you to believe

Watch GLP how the Qtards will try to still have it both ways pretending as if Putin's speech ever said anything about a BIO-LAB proving he is complicit in helping cover it all up while destroying the evidence

Putin's speech from the day before the invasion when he spoke of this GLOBALIST BOLSHEVlK REVOLUTION that he is complicit in playing right into their hands instead of going to the UN SECURITY COUNCIL using the IRAQ WMD LEGAL PRECEDENT to show the US BIOWEAPONS LABS in Ukraine and Russia's other neighbor China involving Wuhan and in Kazakhstan

Again Putin's speech before he invaded Ukraine never mentioned the BIOWEAPONS LAB in Wuhan

Again why wouldn't Putin cite the UN Iraq WMD legal precedent to invade Ukraine?

I am not asking GLP to believe me, I am telling GLP to prove me wrong

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 77047877
03/24/2022 12:21 AM
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Re: Q may have been a psyop…but they were right on all accounts
Funny how the brigade killed this thread. Hope others are paying attention.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 82567358


You're really going to continue to insult the intelligence of everyone here just like Trump expected us to believe that Bill Clinton had nothing to do with a HOLLYWOOD ILLUMINATI SEX CULT that trafficked children and involved Hollywood teen actresses?

NXIVM was PIZZA-GATE and it was covered up right in front of you Qtards

Thread: HANNITY INTERVIEW: Trump says 'everybody wanted the vaccine' when he was president. Biden is the reason for the low vaccine take-up. (Page 12)

Thread: Epstein Child Trafficking/ NXIVM Ghislaine Maxwell & Bronfman buying up media (Page 3)

Thread: Did yall see Epstein worked with Clare Bronfman's of NXIVM ,Dad in the 80's? Shit is all connected