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Subject What percentage of Vaxxed people are aware of the Vax problems and die off? Will the Mass Formation Psychosis ever wear off?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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A 37 year old previously healthy woman died in my area on the East Coast of America. They blamed it on a BS reason. I know it was probably a vax death.
A 30 year old in my state died of a heart attack. The doctor said this is "not normal" but no mention of the vax.
Previously healthy people are dropping dead after covid booster shots in my area. They call it "died suddenly" or some other BS reason. I know they are probably vax deaths.

When will the vaxxed wake up to the vax genocide? How many vaxxed are awake to the truth today?

Are they awake but too afraid to speak out and admit to what is happening? Are they too afraid to face the truth that they may be poisoned? Or still too under the mass formation trance?

The Globalists control the narrative until there is a full awakening to this crime against humanity.
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