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Message Subject What percentage of Vaxxed people are aware of the Vax problems and die off? Will the Mass Formation Psychosis ever wear off?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You all should hug your loved ones.

Mass Formation Psychosis is just an evil chameleon blending in.

It's evil. As least give respect where respect is due. However,

"That is an awfully horrible pile of evil we smushed together and carefully arranged, ever just so."

"Yes it is something."

"What do we do with it?"

"Do with it? We double it."

"And then do we eat it?"

"No, we double it again."

"And then do we et it?"

"When it is infinitely big we eat it."

"I am hungry now. And how are we to eat it all?"

"Double it."

"Hmmm, does it taste good?"

"No trying it before it's done. Double it."
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