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Message Subject What percentage of Vaxxed people are aware of the Vax problems and die off? Will the Mass Formation Psychosis ever wear off?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
this guy that was vaxxed was telling me all this bullshit.
he thought ever kid should be given the shot. I told him that was crazy. no kids are dying from covid.

His answer was 'ya...but they get sick. no parent should want to see their kids getting sick'.

so when i pointed out that there isn't much evidence that the vaccine stops you from getting infected, he got angry.

so he says: Actually you are danger to me (because I didn't get vaxxed).

And i laughed. But then when i said 'you have no idea what the long run effect of injecting yourself with a synthetic pathogen is going to be'

he shut up. they know it.

liberals live in cognitive dissonance. they just don't want to hear anything that doesn't align with what they already believe.
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