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NASA: Meteorite ALH84001 achieved notoriety.

Wretch Fossil
Wretch Fossil

User ID: 82089964
05/12/2022 12:24 AM
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NASA: Meteorite ALH84001 achieved notoriety.
[link to astronomy.com (secure)]

Quote from the above link::

"Allan Hills 84001 (impact date unknown, discovered 1984)

Recovered from the Allan Hills of Antarctica, this rock was originally a chunk of Mars. It achieved notoriety in 1996 when a team of researchers argued some features could be the remnants of fossilized microbial life — a claim ultimately rejected by most astrobiologists. NASA/JSC"

In fact, the meteorite contains fossils: [link to www.flickr.com (secure)]

Added on May 12: Another error:
"Murchison (1969)

In 2020, scientists reported that this meteorite contains grains that are older than the Sun."

In fact, Murchison meteorite contains chemical fossils younger than our solar system: [link to www.flickr.com (secure)]

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