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Subject Real Danger Coming to A Canadian Island(s)
Poster Handle dark_knight
Post Content
Lived there in the past, and the whole island, with 2 hospitals running off a single source of electricity that is being threaten right now.
And the Canadian Gov't didn't help from what is reported in the video.

Haida Gwaii Islands are the only communities in B.C. that still relies on diesel fuel for it's electricity.

And as you remove power to the islands, you also remove power from..
......Naval Radio Station (NRS) Masset (I lived on the same road but further up into the hippy section)

Masset's location in the Queen Charlotte Islands made for an ideal Pacific listening post and also for ship-to-shore communications.
[link to jproc.ca]

Be like turning off the radars before a Peal Harbor on Canada, but maybe this time not Japan, but PLA are landing to stay more than one day in BC.....for part of WW3
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