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Message Subject Fox News didn't just start being a deep state lackey - Not their first Rodeo
Poster Handle hollyavila
Post Content
Fox News made it "patriotic" to believe government BS narratives.

Like their US flag graphics after Sept 11 made it all true or something.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76390139

I like the Libertarian bent on Fox, but in truth, they are just gate keepers. When has Greg Gutfeld or Jesse Waters admitted that the 9 11 official story is bullshit?
The patriotism is sickening in the face of all the evil going on, which makes me think most of the people on Fox are Freemasons.
Dana Parino worked for Bush, and seems to think he was just fine. He got caught with his male lover in the White House, but Dana won't tell you that. She's a serious gate keeper.
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