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Subject The Dangers of Urinary Retention on Your Kidneys
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Urinary retention is a situation where your bladder is not releasing all of your urine. Urine that’s retained can back up in your system and potentially lead to a lot of complications.

These complications can include:
• Edema
• A loss of protein in your urine
• A build-up of ammonia (strong ammonia-smelling urine)
• Sugar in your urine
• Loss of muscle
• Fatigue
• Itchiness
• Brain fog

Diabetes is a big cause of urinary retention. High levels of sugar damage the capillaries of the kidneys and can lead to permanent damage. On top of that, a person with diabetes typically consumes a high-carb diet, which can cause fluid retention.

Common causes of urinary retention:
• Diabetes
• A high-carb diet
• Age
• An enlarged prostate
• Fibroids
• Excess sodium consumption with low potassium consumption
• A problem with the autonomic nervous system
• Pregnancy
• Kidney stones
• Bladder stones
• Certain medications

What to do for urinary retention:
1. Cut out carbs and sugar
2. Increase your fluids (3 liters in the first part of the day)
3. Consume herbal diuretic alternatives (dandelion greens and watercress)
4. Consume more potassium foods or an electrolyte powder (at least seven cups of vegetables per day)
5. Consume a moderate amount of protein (3-6 oz per meal)
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