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Message Subject Where did God come from?
Poster Handle Just†Me
Post Content
They still cannot prove Abiogenesis...

 Quoting: Base12

This is what James Tour debunks and he explains why. Science is further away from understanding life now than 50 years ago because they know more about how complex life is. Theres lots of "ifs" and "maybe" in your video, with enough "ifs" and "maybes" we can argue that pigs have wings and can fly, but James Tour is good at explaining why most of these ifs and maybes are nonsense.

And atheists are trained into "flat" thinking, meaning they are unable to comprehend or believe in a spiritual world. If your idea of reality is that is just dead mathereals, then this makes sense (but its not based on science).

But if you belong to the majority of mankind that do tap into some kind of spirituality, good or bad, it doesnt matter how creative theories atheists come up with, you know their world view is false. Its like arguing air doesnt exist because the atheist never in his life has thought about that he's actually breathing air so he doesnt notice it, and then he's spend decades making up theories in natural science about an earth without air.

And then he gets angry when someone points out that air is real and that life cant exist without it, and that his world view are false.
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