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Message Subject What does Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and Korea in relation to the USA, all have in common?
Poster Handle Mr Samuel Colt
Post Content
All these countries fought the US Military, with mostly civilian dressed armies armed with ak47 and rpgs, for their ways of life and fought us to a standstill where we cut our losses and hightailed the fuq outta there.

If that were to happen here, there is no place for the military to run to. The military cant win against asymmetrical guerilla forces.

It was bad enough when they started to sexualize children. But now that they are withholding the food for the babies, and cutting off our livelihoods and ability to travel for any purpose, it is time for men and women to say "enough" and make a stand.
 Quoting: Mr Samuel Colt

Vietnam and Korea were fought with help from China and Russia. Also, Vietnam was more political than militarily. The issue with Afghanistan and Iraq were nation building. Something no country can succeed doing.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 82517236

Thanks for the history lesson, but you missed the point.

Charlie Company
NSA Danang
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