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Message Subject Must Watch!! Anonymous: How Can You Ignore This?.. It Should Worry You!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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In 1999 and 2000 I worked for one of the largest aerospace companies. I had purchased a nice, custom tuxedo so I would not have to rent one to go to black tie dinners.

My boss was a retired astronaut, so they invited him to EVERY black tie dinner. He hated those things, so he sent me to rep for him.

I loved this duty since I had an opportunity to meet senators, congressmen, staffers, VPs, and presidents of big companies. Contacts are valuable. I also gained a lot of intel for my company.

On two separate occasions, I was seated by a young journalist. I chatted amiably through dinner. They were both "progressive" types.

BOTH journalists brought up the same issue. Both were bitter and complained to me that they were not allowed to investigate or report on a particular individual.

We have a fellow who owns chains of restaurants in this city and elsewhere. The guy is a billionaire now.

Both journalists told me EXACTLY the same story.

They said that this guy with his restaurants was the largest launderer of drug money in the USA and possibly the world.

They said that drug dealers have a problem: cash. If they buy an expensive car or house, the IRS will come after them.

So, they go to the restaurant. While they are eating, their bag or briefcase of money is counted in the back. When they leave, they get a receipt for their cash.

If they need cocaine, for example, the restaurant guy buys "fish" from Columbia and takes the cocaine off their tab.

When the drug dealer is ready to cash in, he flies to Las Vegas and goes to a casino owned by the launderer's family.

Then, the drug dealer wins back his money LESS 23.5%. Both journalists knew exactly how much the fee was to launder the money.

They told me that the DEA, local police, and pols were well aware of this operation which had gone on for over 30 years.

Can you guess who the restauranteur was?

Sounds just like something from Breaking Bad, but it is REAL.
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Oh so you mvst know n-ass-a is a big fukn Lie right.
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