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Every Part of Life Now Is In Some Way Getting Jerked.

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 83844202
07/13/2022 08:34 PM
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Every Part of Life Now Is In Some Way Getting Jerked.
Planned by the Jerk PTB we know are somewhere on the Earth. Or under the Earth.

AI is the only way they could ever keep track of everything. AI is the ultimate construct of Satan, who controls all Technology and Systems on Earth. AI will run the Mark of the Beast. Which is coming at the next Major Global Catastrophe.

All People who do not belong to Creator God will be absolutely helpless when the AntiChrist Beast sets up his Program. All humans will be identified, scanned, tracked, told what they can do, yanked into custody as required, and offed whenever they mess up. Brain scans will be ongoing 24/7.

The only way to escape is by the Rapture. Give yourself to God thru Jesus Christ before it all starts. Do you need some sort of special explanation before you make the switch to God?