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Tour de France riders reporting lack of oxygen and are not well. VAX???

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07/19/2022 01:41 PM
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Tour de France riders reporting lack of oxygen and are not well. VAX???
Tour de France: Cyclists Quit Because Their ‘Lungs Are Screwed Up’ ( Due to Covid Vaccine Injury)
Posted on July 18, 2022 by Constitutional Nobody
Tap News / danceaway

This year’s Tour de France cycling competition kicked off on July 1, 2022 and finishes in Paris on the 24th.

Tour de France – Abandonment of Victor Lafay: “We are all negative for the Covid tests. There is something else, because we all have our lungs screwed up...”

“There are athletes who complain of being very tired. A study published in June – all this remains silent so as not to hear that these injections have side effects – announced a loss of power and fatigability which modified the results by 40%. It’s huge, we lose half of our results.”

In another vein, former footballer Matt Le Tissier wanted an investigation into the many cardiac arrests in sport: ” It’s just incredible the number of people, not just footballers, athletes in general, in tennis, cricket , basketball… how many of them collapsed? ” For the former international, the first midfielder to score a hundred goals in the Premier League, we must no longer be silent, we must speak, “And at some point, we must say to ourselves that this is not normal and that an investigation must be launched.”

In 2021, the Danish runner, Jakob Fuglsang, complained of declining performance after being vaccinated with a second dose against Covid.

[link to ussanews.com (secure)]

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