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Message Subject Air travel chaos and disruptions around the world could last until the end of 2023, says CEO of London's Heathrow Airport
Poster Handle Rat Poison Airlines
Post Content
Only a fool goes to an airport today and expects things to work out properly.

The liars and psychopaths “in charge” of the airlines and airports either poisoned all of their pilots and crews with that rat poison vaxxxxxx shit, or they chased away all of their most talented folks with threats about the rat poison vaxxxxxxx shit.

Fuckers keep lying about “the weather” and all kinds of bullshit lies, but fact is they either poisoned or chased out their staff. Now the fuckers don’t have any proper staff levels and they don’t want to pay for the suddenly-expensive aircraft fuel.

So one should expect nothing but lies and being jerked around with bullshit by the psychopaths who run the shit-hole industry.

Fuck them. I hope they all go bankrupt and collapse altogether.
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