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Gangstalking. It's real and here is what it is.

User ID: 84889637
United States
03/19/2023 07:14 PM
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Gangstalking. It's real and here is what it is.
So this goes woo woo, if you're skeptical
of spiritual/inter-dimensional matters, no need to read on.

Gangstalkers are actually lower 4th density entities.
They can inhabit your mind and thoughts because their
dimension is a realm of thought forms.
They can make it seem like people are following
you, make you think people are talking about you through the walls. Manipulate the mind.
They can shapeshift and look like anything,
essentially they look like normal people.
Many are humans in the astral body who have passed away traumatically or suicides, etc.
people who died in an extreme state of fear or sadness and
are stuck there, sort of a "waiting room"
between lives. Many don't want to give up the person they
were and be reincarnated, some just like having the
power and control over people.

They are put to work to create the chaos and
negativity in our lives, run like a bureaucracy
or corporation. It's the dark world industry.

"As Above/So Below"

They normally dress in white robes and are
they are the 'ghosts' that people see.
How the ghost costume is typically a person in a bed sheet,
they dress this way to be less detectable in a room
with white walls and it's comfortable, it's not like they are going out on the town anytime soon.
They try to get people revved up into
a negative and fearful state, because they
feed off the energy it produces.
That's why many of the people who experience gangstalking
are easily angered and high strung.
There are no McDonald's or grocery stores in the
lower astral dimensions, our energy is their only food
They are negatively aligned so positive energy is
useless to them.

We all have them, they are responsible for many of our dark and depressing thoughts, the ones that won't go away
but in the cases of people who experience gangstalking, they have knocked something loose,
possibly with heavy drinking, drug use, chemical imbalance,
and that makes them more susceptible to the attacks,

So.. yeah. Gangstalking. Believe it or not.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 79835665
United States
03/19/2023 07:29 PM
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Re: Gangstalking. It's real and here is what it is.
Opie is just another psychotic POS... off his meds
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 73764117
United States
03/19/2023 07:30 PM
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Re: Gangstalking. It's real and here is what it is.
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