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Thread carefully put together by me

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05/26/2023 01:34 AM

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Thread carefully put together by me
Title: Sjah ki Sjaq e Sjef ki Sjefs o Hafavun

Delusional beliefs: Parallel incarnation of Christ, the Light of this Universe, the Word of God, Enki, Vishnu, Thoth, Michael

I am in contact with Beings that claim that I am King of this universe or at least their part of it (not yet including Earth). This would be easily denied were it not that I have a starmap of supposedly this universe on my arm.

I also found a piece of iron in a local park exactly 3 inches in length which looks suspiciously like a transmuted part of a twig or branch of a tree which I believe it to be.

While I believe that i am a parallel incarnation of Jesus Christ or Yeshua Hamashiach I do believe that he is still alive and will come down to rule over Earth with me and other incarnations of the same character like Krishna and Horus when the time comes.

I believe that that time is sometime around 20 March 2027. Before or after. The reason for this is a code I found in the first letters of the first sentence of most English Bibles: In the beginning God created the...

I(9)n t(20)he b(2)eginning G(7)od c(3)reated t(20)he

The 9 probably symbolizes completion.

Besides that I make lots of nice and not so nice music and am currently trying my hand at video game development in Unreal engine.

[link to soundcloud.com (secure)]

I get monthly forced anti-psychotic injections to which I have justifiable psychotic objections.

I do not believe human Beings (like myself) can realistically be classified as intelligent Beings. Just because we are smarter than any other Beings we know does not mean we are smart.


Besides the audience the above smilies pretty much describe my life. Although I have regular telekinetic (???) sex with Beings (???) I am celibate for now. I have only ever kissed someone once, I believe it was a transsexual, but I am not sure since I was very drunk. Obviously I do not work and get disability benefits. I also do not really believe in the way work or the monetary system in general on this planet seem to work. Living Beings should only do what they want within the wants of others or what must be done. I am still trying to figure out how to compensate the people that do what must be done.

I changed my name here so i thought I would reintroduce myself.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 85602870
United States
05/26/2023 02:16 AM
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Re: Thread carefully put together by me
The wigs not fooling anyone Musk!

Just because you've pissed all off at twitter doesn't give you the right to troll this platform.

Jk sorry couldn't help it.