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Message Subject 11:11 or 1:11 Daily Global Consciousness Meditation / Prayer...Who's In?
Poster Handle Divinity
Post Content
Lotus...please do NOT spam this thread the way you do others which encourage Lightwork.

I'm sorry Maya - Lotus always does this. She has cut and paste phrases which she uses throughout GLP to discourage ALL LIGHTWORK. We have had endless debates on this and they're pointless because we will never agree this lifetime.

What's better, Lotus? For people to focus their sophisticated brains on sport, entertainment, celebrities and the BAD news, or for people to focus on something constructive? Rather keep them dumbed-down eh?

The light does not trigger the dark...please, folks, ignore the stock phrases. Do what you feel is right.

I'll keep bumping this anyway, for new people who wish to join us in this quest.

Love, Light, Truth,

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