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War in Middle East: Thread paralleling Biblical Prophecy.

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10/07/2023 10:00 AM

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War in Middle East: Thread paralleling Biblical Prophecy.
This thread will ONLY be about events happening right now in Israel that parallel bible prophesy.

Get off topic and get deleted.

So far, here is what we have.

Hamas has just attacked Israel.

With this attack, Hamas has disabled the Iron Dome.

Israel has become reliant on this defense system to protect them from a number of kinds of attacks including nukes.

With this emboldening event, Iran has a choice to make.

With the Iron Dome down, you could see a large scale attack on Israel.

If that happens, Israel will almost certainly nuke Iran.

Iran and Russia are allies, both militarily and economically. Will Russia attack Israel in defense of Iran?

If somehow this plays out, Ezekiel 38 will be fulfilled ushering in the last days.

Lakeofmarch nli
User ID: 85971012
10/07/2023 10:04 AM
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Re: War in Middle East: Thread paralleling Biblical Prophecy.

Got this from the man's newsletter.. he's sure been burning the midnight oil.
Sept 21:
UN International "Day of Peace"

Sept 22:
- In the UN NYC meeting: Netanyahu makes a foolish declaration of peace with Saudi Arabia while showing maps of a "New Middle East" that depicted Israel's borders being extended its over territories of Palestine and other hotly contested areas.
- Iran holds a military parade to showcase its drones that are capable of reaching Israel and able to carry a payload of over 600 lbs.
- The Revelation 12 sign appears in heaven, with a "double illumination event" of Virgo that is said to be an extremely extremely rare event

Sept 23:
- Netanyahu's "Hardline" political allies openly oppose the peace deal proposition that he made during the UN meeting. They threatened to further divide and destabilize the political structure of the country if Palestine were to receive any sort of concessions. (Betrayal? Conspiracy within the Israeli government?)

Sept 26: It is rumored that Mossad (Israel's highly secretive intelligence apparatus) completed a successful attack operation of one of Iran's underground bases. This attack was first picked up by IDF radio intercom along with Times of Israel (...was this a place of nuclear weapons development?)

Sept 28: Office of Naval Intelligence Leak: China Building Naval Ships 232 Times faster than USA - "Lift to Invade North America"
(Locusts prophecy? Sure looks like it!)

Oct 1:
- The President of Iran, Seyed Ebrahim Rayeesi, makes this chilling remark during the 37th International Islamic Unity Conference in Tehran on Sunday: "Israel's collapse to happen sooner than expected... The option of surrender and compromise are by no means on the table; resistance and resilience against the enemy has paid off and will force the enemy to retreat."
- The U.S. Department of Defense’s 2023 Strategy for Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction report found that Iran "has the capacity to produce enough fissile material for a nuclear device in less than two weeks."

Oct 5:
- The Bible Prophecy Secrets prediction of Turkey becoming involved in WW3 as a direct opponent of the West came to pass (see page 290 of the book where Meschech is pointed out as being Turkey). This series of events began with a US-led coalition shot down a Turkish drone that approached one of its military bases in Tal Baydar area, north of Hasakah. The Turkish army then began bombing large parts of eastern Syria in response to this event. Turkish drones bombed the Saeeda oil station in the city of Tarbesbey, the Hasakah countryside; and a series of various attacks occurred on oil fields, dams, and vital service facilities along the geography of northeastern Syria on the border with Turkey. Turkey began destroying the civil infrastructure, and a new war broke out this day.
- The head of NATO's Military Committee warns that the "bottom of the barrel" of weapons stockpiles is now visible due to depletion of munitions in the Ukrainian war effort.

Oct 6:
- Iran holds a large-scale military drone exercise with over 200 drones and with all units of its Army preparing for an aerial assault
- 5,000 rockets are reported to have been launched at Israel early in the morning during the Sabbath day after Sukkot has finished.
- Hundreds were reported to be wounded, injured, or killed during the initial onslaught that was carried out by the rocket barrages along with ground troops of Hamas and Palestinian militia forces that launched in Gaza. Some reports appear to show foreign mercenaries (Iranian?) fighting alongside Hamas. Israeli military bases, infrastructure were captured. Israeli hostages were taken from both civilian and IDF victims.
- The USGS earthquake map revealed that there were SIX earthquakes of magnitude 5.9 or higher reported on this very day (the Earth testifying of final birth pangs before Tribulation?)
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 86110755
10/07/2023 10:28 AM
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Re: War in Middle East: Thread paralleling Biblical Prophecy.