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YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, Disclaimer: We do not discriminate against the mentally ill!

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04/19/2009 06:26 PM
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YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, Disclaimer: We do not discriminate against the mentally ill!
This is the GLP disclaimer (in part)
This website exists for entertainment purposes only. The reader is responsible for discerning the validity, factuality or implications of information posted here, be it fictional or based on real events. Moderators on this forum make every effort to review the material posted on this site however, it is not realistically possible for our small staff to manually review each and every one of the more than 5000 posts GodlikeProductions gets on a daily basis. The content of posts
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We do not discriminate against the mentally ill!¨

So why do so many take ZetaBabble err I mean ZetaTalk and Lotus Feet, and any number of ¨posters¨ at GLP for anything other than people having a persona and role playing online.

Unless they think that this is for real and the disclaimer does not refer to them, man is that ever a sad thought, to think that some might be so out of touch with reality that they think there persona's to be real. Hard to imagine. It is as hard to understand as those that manage their own persona´s so as to follow as if what some posters persona says is in fact truthful and even real.

I think it sad that there are some that would mislead the mentally ¨fragile¨ into getting worked up over the virtual, and even more sadder than the charlatans that are deluded in to believing their own machinations.
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