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Efficient diuretic And Urinary Antiseptic

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10/12/2009 02:06 AM
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Efficient diuretic And Urinary Antiseptic
I have used Atomidine for decades for everything from rinsing my gums, gargling when I have a sore throat, even as a nose bath for sinus infection. We love it. It has to be the most versatile of any supplement on the market. We even put one drop into a gallon of our drinking water to rid it of bacteria. A lot more could be said but it would not all fit.
ATOMIDINE acts beneficially in iodine deficiency diseases, gastro-intestinal disorders and asthenic [showing weakness or selder build] conditions. It has the property of reducing blood-pressure in cases of hypertension. ATOMIDINE is an efficient diuretic and urinary antiseptic, acting in either an acid or alkaline medium.

For More Information:
[link to www.herbsmd.com]