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Major message - 1. do not delay 2. an example of His mercy

Anonymous Coward
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United States
01/25/2010 11:25 PM
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Major message - 1. do not delay 2. an example of His mercy
Message Thru Marie Jan 18 & 19, 2010

Jan 18 Monday (after joyful mysteries of rosary)

Me: Grant eternal rest unto souls that
died in Haiti O Lord and let
perpetual light shine upone them.
May they rest in peace. May their souls and
the souls of the faithful departed thru mercy of God rest in peace.

Jesus: In all this devastation, with the world
focused on the destruction of homes, of
structures and lives, everyone is counting
their blessings that they are alive -
that they have a roof over their heads,
their families/children are safe.

Everyone is praying that rescue efforts
will succeed. That families will get aid
they need. That suffering will end and
their lives turn back to NORMAL.

You my children do not live in NORMAL
times...This is a reminder/hint of what is

Here you see many nations helping with
rescue and aid. There will come a time each
nation is reeling from its own catastrophe
both natural and by man's hands. When this
happens, even rich countries will appear
poor. Resources will be scant.

In these times, understanding, love and
peace must reign. You are given these
times not only to purify but to turn
back to God.

God will stop this world, halt your
wrong paths in order to TURN you back
180deg in the right direction.

For all my faithful children, continue
praying. Pray not for survival but
for salvation of souls. The earth will
be leveled of its present foundations for
these foundations are not built on solid

Remember the wineskins? (parable) One cannot
put new wine into old wineskins.
One must get new wineskin -
the same goes for this world - the rebirth
in Spirit, the transformation of the world will
happen on a clean slate.

The world, its politics, economics, all must
be shaken and erased in order for my people
to wake up, arise from their slumber.

The weather, the actions of people, the events
coming, all all all will escalate before it is
too late. Souls of men are dying. This grieves
me so. Souls of men live in darkness and
cannot see my Light. They are used to living
in darkness.

Just like wooden beams completely eaten by termites
from within hollowed out but still having an exterior remaining, so too
your world is already decayed from within,
anything a quake, fire, water, bombs can
topple/destroy the hollowed out structure.

My faithful ones, many pains for you to
experience in the changing of the world. BUT
this is time you have greatest access to my
grace and mercy. I do not leave you in
darkness. These are times you need to draw
strength from my precious blood, my sacred

Although the quake in Haiti was destructive,
it only is a hint of changes coming. Much worse
is to come. Come to me so I can protect you.

(I got impression it is not necessarily
physical protection He will grant but that in deepening
our spiritual life, we shall be able to accept
all that must come, be it loss of wealth,
economy, homes, even lives. Protection - to
stay spiritually strong in coming days)

end message

Jan 19 Tues on my altar - 2nd sorrowful mystery

Me: Perhaps our Lord found it heaviest to carry
our sins most in this generation of ours?
Being God, I think he carried past, present
and sins up to the time of his second
coming, is this correct? how did one God,
in human form, bear all that weight?

Mary: Not only He but I too helped carry this weight
for with each scourge I too shared this

You can understand this as a mother
that when your child is sick, you too worry and feel for
your child. You know and wish if possible to remove
the pains your child is feeling whether it is a
cough he/she can't control or fever or body aches.

When we made this offering to the Father
it was almost as though the pain I felt should
have killed me but it did not.

Now you ask how he bore the weight?
This is the mystery of Divine Love. This is the
depth of Divine Mercy. Jesus my son, laid down
his life, in obedience to the plan of the Father.

Jesus: How many today understand obedience?
How many remain obedient to their faith, the Church?

Many today say they are of me but are like
hollowed out wood. Inside their souls have
been weakened by sin - termites have all but
destroyed them. Many of them go see me on sundays,
but their lives have little changed, have little
of me in them. It has all become show.

(I continued my rosary then towards the end..)

Jesus: I want you to imagine a son whose mother
cannot forgive him. Imagine this mother who
nourished him and suffered to raise him well and
would do anything, sacrifice anything for her son.

Now imagine that son turning to sin,
committing such heinous crimes - ones that when
the mother found out she could not anymore
forgive - she rejected him. Even many criminals have
mothers that say their sons are innocents inspite of
the evidence.

But here the depravity of the sins are
too great, the mother wishes she never gave birth
to this child.

Now imagine him at the point of death,
I can still go to that soul and offer him mercy.
No matter ho many he raped, tortured, abused etc I
can offer him salvation still - he only need to be
repentant. No one need even know that he turned
to me, it will be between me and that soul alone.

Do not think Oh good, that man deserved to
die, he killed so many, etc etc. I am Divine Love.
I came for sinners. I came to save the most
deplorable soul. Sins need to be paid for - this is
part of Divine Justice, yes, but souls I love beyond
reason. I loved you first and I am ready, even
at the last moment of death, I am waiting for
souls to return to me.

Do not delay your conversion. Come to me
now. I limited myself in human form, I came to
you, to free you so you can come back to the Father.
Come to my mother - she will bring you to me.


Jesus: Each one of you can be the repentant thief or
the unrepentant one. That repentant thief who asked
that I remember him, offered me consolation,
was the balm that soothed my pain that day.

'Today, you will be with me in paradise.'
This I granted him for I had the power to do so.
I granted him the ultimate reward for
his sincere and ultimate acknowledgement of
how sinful he was in relation to me. I granted
him paradise because of his humble acceptance
of what he deserved and this caused my Divine Heart
to pour out my salvific blessings on this soul.

Do not wait to be at the point of death to
change, my children.

Today, this moment, turn to me. I will
offer you heaven on earth - fuse your heart
to mine, and I shall show you heaven.

end of message
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 833036
United States
01/26/2010 02:08 AM
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Re: Major message - 1. do not delay 2. an example of His mercy