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ItsaTwister's Karma

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4/1/2017Thinker. pool
2/5/2017Msmc Xx
2/4/2017Back at ya! ~ Cat
2/2/2017Are you an Okie? I'm an Okie by birth, much love...porkchop
1/30/2017Thanks bro EnD BLM
1/29/2017Good GREEN for you! You deserve it! -Freckle Face
1/27/2017Love GFG
1/27/2017GUCIFFER 2.0: TARP money laundered to DEMOCRAT PACs thru CLINTON FOUNDATION I just pray for the time they are in prison or dead. - I wanna learn
1/27/2017Green from Goneviral
1/26/2017Scottfree :)
1/25/2017From Ralph--a house dog
1/19/2017You are welcome - we CAN be proud again!!! Whiteangel
1/12/2017For wishing me a happy B-day
1/10/2017Happy New Year!! Brief :)
1/6/2017Thank you for your input~
1/5/2017Come on people, elderly folks don't just bounce back . . . nice caring comment. MySoul
12/30/2016Wishing you a Happy New Year! Hugs. :) ~SpiritWarrior
12/28/2016Thanks! and Happy New Year to you too! ~ Madigan
12/26/2016Merry Christmas neighbor.
12/23/2016Reflex Green! Best wishes and Shalom!~ Fluffy Pancakes
12/22/2016Buddy list karma share...return the green favor! Manosteel
12/19/2016Back at you friend~~Sani Claud~ Merry X-MAS
12/16/2016Thank you from -Relativity : )
12/12/2016Merry Christmas Itsa! ~Boaty
12/12/2016Thanks Itsa! Merry Christmas to you too, Furrrry Pete
12/11/2016GOD Bless you! Merry Christmas! Susie/Christian...
12/10/2016Merry Christmas - EnD BLM
12/9/2016Hallo! :D calx
12/9/2016Hope you have a nice weekend! : ) ~SpiritWarrior
11/26/2016Thanks. -Dredrum
11/19/2016Hey Twist :) --Baltimoran
11/14/2016Thanks for the green!~Fluffy Pancakes
11/3/2016It is indeed Love GFG
11/2/2016Thanks for the green! K-man~
11/1/2016Cherry Green :)
10/31/2016Buddy list karma, please return!... Manosteel
10/24/2016On Monday's we all need green ~thetoolman
10/22/2016Love GFG
10/14/2016Green Hugs. Have a wonderful Friday! :) ~SpiritWarrior
10/13/2016Back at you green ~thetoolman
10/12/2016Thanks for the birthday wishes! eekers
10/7/2016Thank you! I love that doggy. ~Tangy :)
10/6/2016Thank you! bluebonnet :)
10/5/2016Hey Twist :) --Baltimoran
10/4/2016Thats kind. thank you so much. blessings to you. w77.
9/30/2016Hi from nutmeg! Have a good weekend!
9/29/2016No Dhimmi Greenery
9/26/2016Cherry :)
9/23/2016Namaste ~hillbilly
9/21/2016Weekly green! Have a fabulous day! â¡Showtime Dachshundsâ¡
9/19/2016TY ItsaTwister - jdb
9/16/2016Bless You too! TheLordsServant
9/13/2016Love GFG
9/12/2016Thanks for the green friend!! ~Showtime Dachshunds~
9/11/2016Buddy list karma swap - Return the favor! manosteel
9/5/2016Love GFG
9/5/2016Thanks for commenting on my Oklahoma earthquake thread! TrustNoOneKS
9/4/2016Serenaseesall says thank you
8/28/2016Green Greetings! Glad you liked the thread! GOD Bless..Susie..:)
8/24/2016Thanks a bunch! :) AnonymousGirl
8/23/2016Thanks, I love the Munsters too. :) _OCD
8/23/2016Stay Frosty! ~The Pale Horse
8/23/2016Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
8/22/2016God Bless You- HolySpiritWind
8/22/2016We can see Him on the radar , love GFG
8/13/2016"Bill looks like he is staying alive just to avoid funeral expenses." hahahahahaha HA! morgan
8/11/2016TY! It's A Secret
8/9/2016Because kindness pays...Thank you! :) Txgirl *on advice removed the u, added i.
8/8/2016Thanks for the green! Puppybreath
8/5/2016Brief :)
8/5/2016Dont know why, but thanks....grumpier
6/18/2016Have a good weekend! * SunshineRay
5/14/2016Thank you ~ SunshineRay
1/8/2016Awesome Karma Up
2/25/2013Karma to Warm You Through The Blizzard -- From Goodmockingbird
12/27/2012Because you are an asshole !
9/13/2012Because You are Awesome!

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