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King Triad's Karma

Total: 728 (563  User Votes + 102  Thread Reports + 63  Threads Pinned) and 411

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6/29/2020Stupid looking eagle
6/24/2020Well earned
6/24/2020Here, since it means so much to you...WFC
6/22/2020GoDs ArMy My AsShOlE hErEz 2 U kInG oF ThReE TuRdZ1!1!1!
6/22/2020Idiot with a capital I
6/12/2020Idiot can't count
6/2/2020Being right
5/26/2020Bumper. love Miss Cleo
5/24/2020Green big dawg j44
5/23/2020Some green
5/21/2020You are brainwashed.
5/20/2020Trump bump :)
5/16/2020Keep fighting on. - Michibama
5/9/2020Some green for you bro. Newton.
5/5/2020You are incredibly unlikeable.
5/4/2020Green from Goneviral for your posts
5/4/2020Love Synchronous!
4/30/2020You seem to be obsessed with the guy, move on already!
4/29/2020Take your meds
4/28/2020Hey there King. pool
4/28/2020U have ships and Power y not just free us? U are 100% BS
4/28/2020I think you win the King crazy award
4/28/2020Thanks 4 the green Brotha!<333~j44
4/28/2020F'ing psychotic retard.
4/28/2020Delusional TDS fucktard
4/28/2020Really really dumb, delusional
4/27/2020Still gay and ignorant
4/21/2020Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/15/2020Reported Abusive Post
4/14/2020This larping faagot just won't stop.
4/6/2020You're not the biggest retard here, but you're in the running. Maybe you'll receive a Special Potato Participation award.
4/3/2020Sewer rat
3/25/2020Stupid motherfucking larp, shut the fuck up.
3/22/2020As usual you have everything backwards.
3/10/2020Thank you, ARB.
3/6/2020Trump is reason for Trib... you idiot, he is just a tool as you are just a crazy Jester
3/6/2020You are the biggest loser on this sight. by a mile.
3/5/2020From Michibama
2/15/2020The left supports baby rapists and baby killers.
1/25/2020Low IQ
1/24/2020Friday Green! - Michibama
1/22/2020On reincarnation. Blessings on you!~Fluffy Pancakes
1/22/2020Starbird wuz here.
1/15/2020Green!! - musashi777
1/9/2020My friend
1/4/2020Green for God’s Army! <3 Fossy
1/3/2020Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/3/202012 gazillion dollars
1/2/2020Ypu are an observer GM
12/31/2019Good post on Trinity GLP thread. KAN DAEK
12/30/2019Getting your church indoctrination mixed up with your video games. get some LED lights put up in your basement to brighten your outlook.
12/29/2019Delusions of grandeur much?
12/27/2019Thanks for sharing crypto-tard
12/27/2019Get enough attention? Good. Now Daddy Devil wants to have a word
12/23/2019Green! -centurionx
12/20/2019You are a complete asshole
12/20/2019This Christmas I wish you many blessings, much happiness, and even more love. <3 LittleMe <3
12/18/2019Tis the season! - musashi777
12/16/2019I wish you a day of Peace, Happiness and Joy ~ Jaena
12/15/2019Green bro, - Centurionx =)
12/14/2019Inappropriate avatar for an american hater
12/10/2019Anti trump
12/10/2019Banned you just for today King.. you won't muck with my thread. KAN DAEK
12/6/2019NO Holiday Season DOOM.. Some GREEN KARMA from THE AMERICAN INQUISITOR.
12/6/2019Pitiful libturd
12/2/2019Green from centurion, keep up the good work ;)
12/2/2019Have a good week! ~ ItsMaKa2
11/27/2019Feeling alright. pool
11/25/2019Derp derp derp ...hurrrrrrrrrrrrr
11/25/2019You intrigue me-Penny Peppers
11/24/2019May your blessings be multiplied this year and throughout all your life. Happy Thanksgiving wishes to you! <3 LittleMe <3
11/21/2019Green galactic tunnels! - musashi777
11/20/2019Spirit Sword - Shawski
11/18/2019Mk greeeeen- validation
11/17/2019Pretty much like you then that claim you're a Christian when you're not. Guess the two of you got a lot in common
10/17/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/17/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/10/2019Posts in noobdy spam threads get reds
10/7/2019Your idiot 1 point may you earn many more
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