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King Triad's Karma

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6/19/2022Sunday. love 99
6/3/2022T-Man :D testing from dresktop
5/30/2022Fracting crypto. pool
5/23/2022Dont worry about bitter brittish feqqots
5/22/2022Buddy list green - <3 Alhanna
5/22/2022From Av3.0
5/14/2022Fear not for God is with us...
4/24/2022He does acts of God when God permits it...not aliens...
3/19/2022LOL King Asshat more like.
3/19/2022You love collecting red. Here is another one. You know why
3/19/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/19/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/19/2022It's weird indeed how many are blindly taking Russia's side. People seem to have a big problem with shades of grey. I wonder how many are actual Russian trolls, though.
3/19/2022Red for some serious cognative dissonance. Freedom loving is allow people to see all sides.
3/19/2022King retardo
3/19/2022Gosh, thanks for letting me know Communism sucks, Einstein.
3/19/2022Globalist shill. go back to sleep and keep watching your idiot box in your family room.
3/19/2022King Retard rooting for the deep state NWO. Pathetic.
3/19/2022You don’t know shit
3/19/2022Both sides are rotten, Soros sees to that. Wake up.
3/19/2022NEVER EVER Complain about RED you COMMIE-LOL
3/19/2022Soros shill
3/19/2022There are no good guys in this conflict~Rubyskyeye
3/19/2022Suck Zelensky's cock you Nazi supporting cunt!
3/19/2022And who are the fucked up pedophile libtards keeping safe? You are incredibly stupid.
3/19/2022UTownReturns was here
3/19/2022Well, we wound up on the same side in the end. Builder
3/19/2022Commenting on stuff you have no clue about. Ukraine does STILL have an air force.
3/19/2022Fellow Freedom Lover here!
3/19/2022So no one can ask questions or they are “sympathizers�
3/19/2022You're wrong on so many levels that I wont waste time trying to debate it with you. Go watch some zelensky drag videos
3/19/2022Freedom in America? No freedom now and it is going to get worse.
3/19/2022Go volunteer in ukraine and put on a helmet
3/19/2022Go suck Hunter's big dick
3/19/2022You are a dumb fuck. What do you know about freedom? Zilch.
3/19/2022Hang in there buddy.
3/19/2022Communist pretending to be a patriot.
3/19/2022Paid to divide us . wish life was that easy for me .
3/19/2022Stop uninformed emotional posts
3/19/2022You're a dumbfuck if you think you are defending 'freedom' - We haven't been free since fucking lincoln destroyed this country. - WiscoSteve
3/19/2022Fuck off you worthless cunt
3/19/2022Posted a thread that was pinned
3/15/2022Greenie. love 99
3/13/2022Yup Saudis loved him as well...
3/6/2022From AV3.0
3/6/2022Hey there. love 99
3/4/2022Biden Suckin Mother Fucker
2/19/2022Eat shit
2/19/2022King Triad is on board with pedo Joe
2/19/2022True patriot stating truth.
2/13/2022Posted a thread that was pinned
2/13/2022GFY Bidentard
10/19/2021Take Care, My Friend.
10/2/2021You're right. pool
9/29/2021He/she is fkin nuts
8/19/2021AC Army!!!
8/19/2021Because I like your style
8/1/2021Hello Triad. pool
7/11/2021Did you hate Trump before the media told you to? Where did Trump hurt you? CNN says Trump is going to prison soon, maybe 2 weeks? TDS tard
7/10/2021Benedict Arnold must be your ancestor
7/9/2021The king triad man is deeply disturbed.
6/27/2021Trump did NOT tell people to storm the capital building you tard.
6/27/2021Fuck you pussy
6/27/2021Bah bah bah Hate Trump all you want. Biden sucks.
6/27/2021Make it about 9
6/26/2021The Greada Treaty was created in 1954. Accurate title
6/20/2021Healing loving vibes sent your way. ChiaPet
6/20/2021Happy fathers day to you and may your wounds heal gently. pool
6/12/2021You're Full Of Shit!
6/6/2021Biden shill
6/6/2021Biden shill
6/6/2021King Retard
6/6/2021"...as you lick the boots of Death, born out of Fear."
6/6/2021Go suck a big dick libtard
6/6/2021Go suck Biden’s dick
6/6/2021Biden shill.
6/6/2021Biden shill.
6/6/2021Biden shill
6/6/2021Go play on your spaceship you crazy trump hating motherfucker.
3/29/2021Much praise to the King.
3/28/2021YOU were a Trump hater in the past; now you're giving advice to conservatives?
3/28/2021Republic of Texas
3/25/2021Free green..madmurdoch
3/22/2021Aren't you the delusional tard that said you fought off aliens with the help of the galactic federation? I think I'd stfu if I were you :)
3/22/2021You’re a pillow biter aren’t you?
3/22/2021Retard communist pig
3/16/2021Big Kiss for you
3/14/2021Reported Abusive Post
3/14/2021Happy Birthday to you... love and blessings! <3 LittleMe <3
3/14/2021Happy Birthday from Russia. ~Snuffie
3/14/2021Happy Birthday / Love the eagle photo / The crow
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