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Mental Case's Karma

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1/2/2019Because male fraud is illegal! polkahonkus
12/31/2018Male Fraud
12/29/2018Violating common sense rules
12/26/2018Fuck "israel" and ALL its inhabitants
12/24/2018You cant say it any better!! THE STAGE IS SET. Trump wins it FOR AMERICA
12/23/2018Very direct. non argumentative. explained their view. overlooked my misunderstanding.
12/23/2018You’re awesome!! Thank you! -Freckle Face
12/23/2018Shit happens fuck face.
12/22/2018Thx I dropped out of electric class right away
12/21/2018Merry Christmas! Paranoiaaaaa
12/19/2018Eating real stuff! ~~ladedah
12/18/2018Not One Inch !!
12/18/2018At least you named yourself correctly. WHAT PART of "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED" do you NOT understand? We lose on this slippery slope numb nuts!
12/18/2018He's caved on the wall dumbass. Here is some red karma for being an idiot by not seeing that.
12/16/2018Awesome thread made me laugh ~ LittleMissDictator :D
12/14/2018MAGA Yo Adrian
12/13/2018Oohhhhh Shit Puppy pic! LOL Paranoiaaaaa
12/9/2018Hilarious post
12/9/2018Lol! Your comments on the letter at Bush funeral thread
12/9/2018Shaved family. LOL!
12/8/2018Dumb ass
12/4/2018Doom On!!!
12/4/2018Drive By Greenage! Wedge5th
11/30/2018"...and the rosenstein you rode in on!" you slay me WGON
11/29/2018Great thread, thanks. dug
11/29/2018Good post - mypillow guy
11/27/2018Good idea on the primaries 1-2-Follow
11/25/2018A real mental case or trolling a hole. Whichever, you shouldn't post because your opinions ain't worth a shit.
11/25/2018Fuck off (((cunt)))
11/20/2018Turkey! chasity
11/17/2018Have a good weekend! ~ ItsMaKa2
11/17/2018Excellent advice, thank you
11/17/2018Great Thread !!
11/17/2018Great post about winter preps - Love to you - JanJan
11/17/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
11/14/2018Never seen dark matter +1
11/12/2018Its not unusual! Yo Adrian
11/11/2018Great advice in the CA fire thread
11/10/2018Love Ellusion :)
11/8/2018Useful info
11/6/2018Good thoughts!
11/6/2018Wrong post
10/29/2018The way liberals were Rosenkrantz
10/25/2018LOL, that's a good one, and with their low IQs, they might do something like that.
10/25/2018The man's powers of deduction predicting libtard behavior are truly astonishing
10/23/2018You're funny from 03
10/22/2018Humans are lazy and greedy... NowIhave
10/21/2018For your explanation of my question with the bar/restarant. thanks. slayer
10/20/2018Scalp them both! Lol
10/20/2018Highly likely.
10/19/2018Green potatoes for YOU!! from -Relativity
10/16/2018Jinx you owe me coke :) Sloane
10/11/2018Thanks for the tip. . I was thinking bone broth for the liquid diet.
10/9/2018Sure hope your right
10/9/2018Damn fine point! That'll make em think
9/30/2018I like it!
9/29/2018Interesting. Thank you
9/27/2018I'm a sun person, & I don't wanna watch the proceedings.
9/27/2018Good point
9/25/2018Absolutely! (Screw the phones!) - salty1
9/25/2018Thanks for the bump
9/24/2018Kavanaugh comment was great!
9/20/2018Q33 Thanks
9/15/2018I hope GLP takes your idea to promote #WalkAway -- Rosenkrantz
9/12/2018Great comment
9/12/2018"Let the fuckwads do their thing"! LOL! I nominate YOU to do a bible translation! ~ Zovalex
9/11/2018I need more buckets. Perceval
9/6/2018Enjoys sucking Brief's cock, and swallows
9/4/2018Kamala Harris vs King Kong Bundy - good wrestlin match..
9/3/2018For your correct comments on that stupid WTO thread. ~sikhed
9/3/2018Green. love Miss Cleo
9/2/2018Great idea
9/2/2018Sweet mother yes
9/1/2018We will have to lynch Lynch! ~Maiya
8/31/2018Shit, you're funny. Adytum
8/29/2018Some choices simply cannot be made. LOL!!! Jazzy
8/28/2018Good answer
8/27/2018Put out the Welcome Mat for me
8/22/2018For reminding dummies that prez can't be indicted
8/17/2018CUTE JOKE :) savcash
8/17/2018"son...only faggots like other boys"!
8/11/2018Fantastic idea
8/10/2018BBQ Boy was here
8/10/2018Gold to the Rescue - GrandMasterB
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