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Simple27's Karma

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10/31/2013For the utmost dilligence in the EQ thread :) - TDP
10/31/2013Green for your smiles - Indysmindy
10/30/2013Really good video. I couldn't do it. TB
10/30/2013Awesomeness!!! 4H
10/30/2013Happy Halloween! -Face
10/30/2013Nice to see you on the solar thread, isis one
10/30/2013LOL, holy shit.
10/29/2013Great job with the quake reporting! thank you! :) -ladyannie
10/29/2013Thank you very much , completely humbled!
10/28/2013Good work, from AzaMorey :)
10/28/2013Here's to you, oh queen of the tease! ;)
10/28/2013For being a good egg!
10/28/2013Awsome Avatar! -Acula
10/28/2013Hi Simple :) Fire Watch~
10/28/2013Because I Love New England, your talented and I see your getting better
10/27/2013Karma Love. SkinnyChic
10/27/2013It's almost halloween!!! :) eekers
10/27/2013Greetings from ANHEDONIC
10/27/2013Very funny!
10/27/2013Thank you for the embeding of the video!
10/26/2013Great thread..thank u....jw2305
10/26/2013Diligence for providing up to date EQ info
10/25/2013Love in the morning to you)
10/25/2013INCOMING GREEN KARMA BOMB!! from gonviral
10/24/2013Green for you <3 <3 > Dangerwalt
10/24/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
10/24/2013Love the new pic! ~Cigar
10/24/2013Happy pumpkin season! :) Sloane
10/24/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
10/24/2013For watchin' my back ;) ExploringTheTruth
10/24/2013You are an asset to this community, thanks for posting. :) <3 LaniJane
10/23/2013Karma <3 from Mr. R
10/23/2013Good Information to keep tabs on. I live in EQ zone.
10/23/20131 for continuing the eq alert system
10/23/2013Thanks for thread Satan's BFF
10/23/2013From Truthserim good job!
10/23/2013Quaketards, We Ride!!! Drunk Uncle
10/23/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
10/22/2013Explosion thread - Midy
10/21/2013Hi Sim27--UselessRepeate​r
10/21/2013Thank You!! 4H
10/20/2013Miss the chats...:))
10/19/2013Reported Abusive Post
10/19/2013Hi Simple! ~Stoned Goddess
10/19/2013Happy Saturday! --eekers
10/19/2013I feel the same way about my Bruins games as you do the Country Music Festival- scary stuff, and I avoid big crowds if I can!- ScarlettOHell
10/19/2013Keep on doin what you do! - Reinvigorated Being
10/19/2013Awesome Halloween avatar! : ) - Louve
10/19/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
10/19/2013Thanks for your posts! Peace & Blessings to you and yours. Exciting times ahead....be prepared.-hugh
10/17/2013Completely humbled!
10/17/2013Fire Watch~ : )
10/17/2013Acula was here
10/17/2013Drive by green - gypsy priest
10/16/2013Thank you for being here)
10/15/2013Eq green, isis one
10/15/2013Thank you!....>>>>Settle4It​<<<<
10/15/2013Green karma Monday blast! :) Paige
10/14/2013Karma for "The Double Post Queen".... Mr Reality. P.S. you rock
10/14/2013I miss you too! ;)
10/14/2013Love Karma >> Dangerwalt
10/13/2013Ya hoo!! karma for u from Gonviral
10/13/2013For the barry meme ~ Bear Drinker
10/13/2013Yep ;) Ace of Tards
10/13/2013Take care and be good! love your posts. :D calx
10/12/2013Love that you love him. [email protected]
10/12/2013Wicked avatar...yikes...:))
10/12/2013Greenage :) Billy
10/12/2013You are an asset to this board. <3 LaniJane
10/11/2013Because its you!!! 4H
10/11/2013Come play on Jukebox! Hugs and Friendship :) Sloane
10/11/2013Thanks for coming to my birthday party --eekers
10/10/2013Thank you very much ....c.c
10/10/2013Completely humbled!
10/10/2013Awesome new avatar from Prowilson123 :)
10/8/2013Good thread, not enough people understand or have even heard of it. fallen foo fighter
10/8/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
10/8/2013For taking the time to reply to everyone - Camacho
10/7/2013Flowers to you)
10/7/2013Hello Lovely! Stoned Goddess
10/7/2013Thank you for the updates ~Marsute~
10/7/2013Five stars and a pin- hopefully they get the crane down before someone gets hurt! Scarlett
10/6/2013Your're all right Simple. ~Z
10/6/2013Cutie patootie. pool
10/4/2013Beauty and brains...are rare combo - Cookie
10/4/2013TGIF for you...:)
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