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1/23/2019Dunkin - 100% love your sane thoughtful poata brighteyes
12/28/2018White guilt liberal! Quit spreading your filthy opinions, cuck.
12/28/2018You must be a mudshark or a cuck
12/21/2018Awww! Did you get your poor widdo snowfwake feewings hurt?
12/21/2018Common sense - exactly - brainwashing kids to hate is sad..
8/16/2016Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/16/2016Trump has been specific you fucking HillShill!
8/1/2016Great comments on vet thread!
5/3/2016The one with low IQ. think more. babble less
4/8/2016You finally showed your true colors on MW's thread. Please get help for your anger issues.
4/8/2016Uses the c-word
4/8/2016You are a shill and a fool. Mountain Woman
4/8/2016Siding with Lynch? Retard.
2/20/2016Get well soon! -non compliant
2/20/2016Thanks for posting the 'sick' thread! Daddysgirl!
1/14/2016You doggie howsered us
1/12/2016Hey tweeker - I didn't make one single judgmental statment about Bowie...not one!
2/26/2014Check your Atlantis thread :) WeAreOne.
5/22/2013Well said, about religon and brainwashing
5/22/2013Great post....Partofthecrow​d
5/21/2013For West Virginia hate and blind support of TPTB---UTownTrash
4/24/2013Had to be the worst blog i have ever read.
4/10/2013Fuk it you are dumb ,,, can you even breath ??
4/8/2013Dmt vector
4/8/2013Thanks for the green. Desert Fox
4/7/2013For your ignorance in relation to your views on NK and US propaganda.
4/5/2013Get real will you?
4/5/2013Good response/post.
4/5/2013Brief :)
4/4/2013Do you get paid to be here?
4/4/2013Pointing out propaganda and hipocratal bullshit.
4/4/2013Right on brother!
4/2/2013Excellant posts
3/27/2013Thanks for a non condescending answer :) littlemiracles
3/25/2013We live close Gah
3/25/2013Pedophile racist
2/28/2013Wrong, I would vote for Allan West. Nothing to do with skin color, you racist
2/27/2013Obama's uncle says you're a gay Democrat
2/27/2013I like how you stand up and give opposing viewpoints. J&v
2/25/2013Stop being a queer....ask God to forgive you and he will.
2/22/2013Spot on analysis - ANHEDONIC
2/21/2013Good post
2/21/2013Green love - PigsinSpace
2/20/2013Good post. - Present & Aware
2/20/2013Get better soon! Alpacalips
2/19/2013Fuck you, you litlle metrosexual pediphile faggot!!!
2/18/2013'Everybody brings something unique' - nice post. Sloane
2/17/2013Great Insight. Amy A
2/14/2013Good post
2/14/2013Like minds! :)
2/14/2013Love and appreciation :O) 141
2/11/2013Lefty huh? Good WindyMind
1/19/2013Lefty Shill
1/19/2013Another leftist whining crybaby
1/19/2013If I agreed with you we would both be wrong
1/19/2013I agree--fuck FAUX News and B.O.--Useless repeater
1/19/2013Why do you tthink your membership is waanted here...asshole
1/19/2013You posted some truth there yourself ;) Bea, the Nameless Caticorn
1/19/2013Thank you for taking the time. BK
1/18/2013Thanks for the green! LittleMissDictator
1/16/2013Nig Nog, niggy niggy nig nog..yessir Mr. Obama sir
1/15/2013For completely ignoring the inconsistencies and trying to use other threads as an excuse
1/15/2013Thank you for your sanity!-Heisenberg

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