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DMJ's Karma

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6/12/2018To enjoying life... you, me, and Q! :) -alwaysme
6/12/2018Green for thee~!
6/1/2018😊. Phx57
5/31/2018Greenest kindness wrapped in Love Ursabruin
5/30/2018Q greenage The 'Pasta-or' tonight....
5/23/2018Greenest kindness wrapped in Love Ursabruin
5/22/2018Thank you! PHX57
5/22/2018From keybored.
5/12/2018Thanks for updates - misspelt
5/12/2018Luv your picture mmj :) -- It's Time
5/9/2018Greenest kindness wrapped in Love Ursabruin @420
5/3/2018Starbird flew by.
5/3/2018Great to see you on the national day of prayer thread....ChivalryKni​ght
5/3/2018Green Q thread thanks
4/28/2018NOW I can send you some green!Hickory49
4/24/2018Greenade incoming! puff puff pass damnit!....saved
4/24/2018Giving you green today for Q thread thanks
4/23/2018Great posts on Q~ Fantasia
4/21/2018Thanks for bringing the Q drops! Thing1
4/21/2018Green 4 U, Green 4 Q! Thanks for your contributions! - Jonquilmusic
4/21/2018DMJ thank you for the "Q"uick drops and posting. Cheers ~Luna~
4/20/2018Green back at ya~kpm~
4/20/2018Thank you for cheering me up - grumpygato
4/19/2018For new Q.Hickory49
4/18/2018Loaded up on green for the Happenings and 4/20! - Paranoid Chick
4/17/2018Thanks for the Q drop!
4/15/2018Sending Love GFG
4/14/2018No Dhimmi Greenery
4/14/2018From keybored.
4/12/2018I like you! And I’m not a creep,I’m female...PHX57
4/6/2018Some green back to ya! scottfree :)
4/6/2018Fellow ironworker brother. Rebar here 20+ years. Cochise123
4/6/2018OK :)...lol...great response lanc....er justagardener...
4/5/2018Back at cha! Sympol Mynz
4/5/2018Spring Green, puff puff pass ~Luna~
4/4/2018No Dhimmi Greenery
4/1/2018I found you!! ~ Evangelina
3/26/2018Green, for giving Thing 1 green!Hickory49
3/26/2018Green for thee~! can only give 1/wk to someone.
3/25/2018Thanks Diabolical
3/19/2018No Dhimmi Greenery
3/18/2018For your Awesomeness!
3/14/2018Back at ya, babe!
3/12/2018Thank you! Alpacalips
3/9/2018Enjoy some green!Hickory49
3/8/2018I grow organic too! Between that and the Q thread, you are my new GLP fave. ;) - Paranoid Chick
3/8/2018Live long and prosper with MJ - We Are Slaves
3/3/2018Gratitude green....love-love, cosmicgypsy
3/2/2018Will do....Reader.
2/27/2018Some more of the helpful Green for you DMJ. w2w
2/27/2018So happy to be here AND to hear your great news! Cheers!
2/27/2018Green for being cancer free. I am so happy for you.Hickory 49
2/27/2018From a kind user in SoCal
2/27/2018For your great news! Congrats on staying away from the “Club” no one wants to join!
2/27/2018Great news - Slappy
2/27/2018Good health news! Isis One
2/26/2018Great doc report! Q threads----sloonie
2/26/2018Green for cancer free! Dooma
2/26/2018Green from Sassy Trumpette, I'm so happy for you !
2/6/2018Page 1200! Q...lancifer
2/2/2018Q thread - everLearner
1/26/2018Greenade incoming! For your depiction of our state of affairs in this nation, great balls o fire!...lol....saved
1/24/2018Eagle green ~ Where Eagles Dare
1/20/2018Fucking a porn star 4 months after his wife had given birth....nasty.
1/12/2018Green for your awesome post in the 'Full Deck' thread- Nameless the Deplorable
1/6/2018Strgzr :)
1/2/2018Thank you for your heartfelt prayers - SilverPatriot
12/31/2017Happy New Year! almost ~ A Friend :D
12/18/2017For your thoughts and prayers ~FarMore
12/15/2017Thank you! -LSDMTHC
12/8/2017Thank you so much for the prayers, Nichole is doing well.
11/23/2017Some green, good post
10/19/2017Ankhiale :)
10/17/2017You need some green-Sassy Trumpette
2/22/2017It looked like smoke to me, 5 miles away - Crunch
2/20/2017Give you some green to offset the red.
9/16/2016Disco :p strgzr
8/23/2016"scarecrow" Nice one, lol ~Desert Dude
8/23/2016LOL....most Millienals would'nt be able to find their way home if they lost their phone...lol....Lilopi​n
6/9/2015First green to upgrade - Hydra
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