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darth's Karma

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7/29/2020Hugs Brother!!! Red Hot Chilean Pepe.
7/28/2020Hugs and prayers. - clevercreator
7/24/2020More interesting prep posts-The Gent
7/23/2020Have a great day!...Still
7/22/2020Giving where I can to those who deserve it -Guythu
7/22/2020Green from Serenity Now :)
7/22/2020You the man (tubbs)
7/21/2020Green. love Mistress C
7/21/2020How's the business running? Hope all is well. Hugs! Red Hot Chilean Pepe.
7/21/2020Thanks for info-Bastetcat
7/20/2020Grandma up at 4 am>>>MarPep
7/16/2020Like you're style dude
7/15/2020Take care sir-The Gent
7/14/2020News ~Moniker
7/12/2020Hugs Brother! Overdue green for you, Red Hot Chilean Pepe.
7/7/2020Tuesday green! Jefiner
7/7/2020Stop moaning please
7/6/2020You're good. Hope you're feeling well. -Fluffy Pancakes
7/3/2020Green. love Mistress C
7/1/2020Great post
6/27/2020Interesting take on aliens. (Can't do PMs) Leaver.
6/26/2020Warmest of wishes from Russia. ~Snuffie
6/20/2020Hope your family gets well soon-The Gent
6/19/2020Starbird flew in green.
6/18/2020Couldn't replt to your PM due to membership but it sounds good (M R E)
6/17/2020Warmest of green wishes and love from Russia. ~Snuffie
6/17/2020B I N G O - Dosha
6/13/2020Green from saved!!! God bless you and all of yours!
6/9/2020Water. love Miss Cleo
6/6/2020Q33 Very sorry about your friend from covid damn wtf!
6/2/2020Don't know if it's true, but funny story about the astronaut poop so here's some green. - mostlylurking
5/27/2020Voting cheats! ~ Green from Flashbuzzkill
5/27/2020Beat da trolz. pool
5/26/2020Clausewitz didnt say that.
5/25/2020Memorial Day Green! ~Scorpionica
5/25/2020Will check it out Thanks for the info....Nefarious Libertine
5/24/2020Totally agree with what you said here.
5/18/2020Thanks for being such an inspiration!! sos
5/18/2020I hope your daughter is ok ~ SunshineRay
5/17/2020Keep up the good work! --Serenity Now
5/15/2020I appreciate you, Darth. Larry D. Croc
5/13/2020Coronakarma - Wordsworth
5/13/2020The American Dream in real time...admirable tale, thank you
5/13/2020Inspiring story of survival & mental attitude - Riff
5/12/2020Well said! much truth!....Don D.
5/10/2020For Caring! HnryBwmn
5/9/2020News ~Moniker
5/9/2020Texan Green :) - South Central
5/9/2020Hugs and prayers. - clevercreator
5/4/2020A Green for you!
5/4/2020Thank you for the very true message - Tlvmm
4/28/2020Dude, i like your style
4/28/2020You and the Queen inspire me. --from master gardener
4/28/2020Green for you Sir-The Gent
4/25/2020Be that better man. I love you positive message of hope. Uncle Doom
4/25/2020Thank you for the human reply to my conservative gay delema.
4/25/2020God Bless you and your family. -SerenityNow
4/22/2020Thank you for farming, may the Lord bless your harvest! Gyro Geargoose
4/21/2020Hugs and prayers. - clevercreator
4/17/2020Self-sufficiency is the way to go!
4/16/2020Thanks! JADR+
4/12/2020For the 300 Wildcat, how many brass on hand? HnryBwmn
4/9/2020Thank you. Ayr ; )
4/8/2020For rubbing it in others' faces that your business is booming, and shaming people for not starting a new business right now based on your ideas.
4/3/2020Hugs and prayers. Survival is the goal. - clevercreator
4/1/2020Green from -CarbonBound+
3/26/2020I totally agree. They don't have the smarts.
3/25/2020Smiles from LJS
3/25/2020Thanks for the input! I'll pm you with answers tomorrow.
3/24/2020Good Job!
3/24/2020Good for you! Alpacalips
3/23/2020Farmland is always a good purchase
3/19/2020Good advice!
3/19/2020Hugs and prayers. - clevercreator
3/19/2020Great advice!
3/18/2020Incoming GREEN karma strike from Armchair General!!!
3/18/2020Sorry about your sister -The Original Mind
3/17/2020Sending prayers - vegz
3/17/2020Prayers for Madeleine. -Revbo
3/17/2020Good comment.
3/11/2020Starbird Veteran green for you.
3/11/2020You are correct about slowing the spread! pandp
3/8/2020Hugs and love from nutmeg!
3/8/2020Thank you for sharing!
3/4/2020Hello Darth, your weekly green from Red Hot Chilean Pepe is here, stay safe mate!
2/29/2020Love your confidence in your doggies
2/29/2020You are right. WhyKnot
2/29/2020Good on you 4 the admirable comment
2/25/2020Planning wins
2/25/2020Your weekly green from Red Hot Chilean Pepe is here, my Darth friend. :) Enjoy these doomy times. Tomato plants, in!
2/24/2020Unable to reply to IMs due to my membership level - thanks for the tips! - larphillips
2/24/2020You are a good person
2/24/2020Have a nice day
2/23/2020Are you a fucking false prophet? 'God didn't share that with me' Hearing voices or something, GTFO you cocksucker
2/22/2020Hope your company flourishes! prayandprepare
2/19/2020Cooking from scratch. Hnry
2/17/2020Your Weekly green from Red Hot Chilean Pepe. Thanks for doing your part on making GLP the most interesting, fun and insightfull website of the planet.
2/16/2020Too right
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