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DNoMo Michele B's Karma

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7/4/2022Trey was here
6/30/2022Cheerio! St Tidbits
6/29/2022Read your Bible. Your messages are from Satan.
6/27/2022Karma test...scottfree.
6/27/2022Pepperroni green, missed you around here.
6/26/2022Trey was here
6/24/2022Green from WGON.
6/19/2022Informative and encouraging :) abeland1
6/17/2022Nice to see you Mich. Pepperroni
5/2/2022Informative and encouraging
4/4/2022Green. we can't support the globalist NWO. prayandprepare
4/1/2022Thank you DnOmO <3 Love Kate
3/22/2022BBQ Boy stopped by
2/24/2022Build back better.... Funny
2/23/2022Thx for posting...-1guynAz
2/16/2022Let's play the lotto! @john dutton
2/9/2022Seeing Government Tyranny
1/30/2022Good post. Agreed, can see who the sons of satan are
1/23/2022For your contributions to the supply chain thread - fortiori
1/17/2022No, your magical Gawd is not sparing you from vax side effects. Sheesh.
1/2/2022Satan worshipper
12/24/2021Queen thread, she's stating at Windsor, the family are meeting there because of local high covid numbers, do your research [email protected]
12/9/2021Good comment :) Mad Kelly
12/6/2021Green - from I_Object
11/16/2021Who put you in charge of the thread? STFU
11/13/2021Ironical? Nice one. Trying to look smart only makes one look stupid. Ironic would have worked perfectly in that sentence. Ironical…. Lolololol
11/13/2021News ~Moniker
11/12/2021Using logic to debunk BS
11/8/2021DR Jonesy
11/6/2021Thanks for your comment! most folks in much denial. prayandprepare
11/4/2021BBQ Boy stopped by
10/28/2021Stop trying to make everything link with religion, not everybody has the taste for that.
10/23/2021Reported Abusive Post
10/21/2021Thanks for listening to me rant...lol....be well....Don D.
10/21/2021For support of BCB MySoul
10/20/2021Gabby was an attention whore better off dead
10/19/2021Wolcano green from Paranoiaaaaa!
10/19/2021TU evac thread
10/15/2021Green Day from MrsTomatoHead
10/14/2021I think you're angry. Don't be angry.
10/14/2021Yep. I freaked so bad I called a BFF and instructed her to try and get to site. Ruined my tin foil hat by stomping on it in frustration, haha!....Zenobia ;-)
10/14/2021Trolling the volcano thread
10/13/2021Reported Abusive Post
10/12/2021Trolling the volcano thread
10/12/2021Idiots gonna idiot. Hang in there. - clevercreator
10/12/2021Volcano Thread MySoul
10/12/2021"I'm not singling you out, I-O" and then you do just that. How supportive and thoughtful when a private message would have been in order. Bitch about THIS, bitch.
10/12/2021BCB Massive! ~ Sova xx
10/12/2021For your posts :) eV3y
10/12/2021Green for you :) serkok
10/10/2021Well deserved karma :) - Seraphim
10/10/2021Amen. good post. Jesus wins. prayandprepare
10/10/2021Happy fall green for you from Fred1981 :)
10/9/2021Magnesium info - very interesting!
10/8/2021Thanks for your info/contribution in the Cumbre Vieja thread! Wedge
10/8/2021To counter the red :-) grtz fr Belgian lurker :-)
10/4/2021Volcana apprecation! MySoul
10/3/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/3/2021Thx for heads up on the Pope <3 Fossy
10/2/2021Wants to deport people from la Palma
10/1/2021You are awesome :) - LSDMTHC
10/1/2021Happy fall green for you from Fred1981 :)
9/28/2021Good reason about prepping!! justanothergranny
9/28/20211 green
9/26/2021Good green to you - zzcat
9/25/2021Offset red. DaveNKansas
9/24/2021Good post-the great culling, eternity, etc. prayandprepare
9/22/2021Green to you from fred1981 :)
9/18/2021Thanks for your statement re scripture. I need to apply that to the prayer thread. William Poole/St Lance
9/14/2021Green to you from fred1981 :)
9/13/2021Yep, I mean nope, no std. checkout, just mass long row of HA! empty ones.
9/9/2021For backing me up on sicko Joe
9/6/2021Green to you from fred1981 :)
9/6/2021Good post!
9/5/2021Thank you - BBQ Boy
8/29/2021Green to you from fred1981 :)
8/27/2021Love your comments from another Michele with one L! From wait....what?
8/26/2021Absolutely wonderful and spot-on response about the Word of God!
8/25/2021Excellent post about living/loved ones. My sentiment exactly. justanothergranny
8/24/2021Thank you for your post on Cuomo's dog! People who care for animals are some of the best people I know! GOD Bless you! Susie..:)
8/23/2021Thank you for saving Bart! ~Cat in a Tin Foil Hat
8/17/2021Summer green to you from fred1981 :)
8/14/2021So sorry about your dad but thanks for telling us ~thinking...
8/4/2021Summer green to you from fred1981 :)
7/27/2021Summer green to you from fred1981 :)
7/22/2021So sorry for your loss. Colour Crusader
7/21/2021Very sorry for the loss of your father. Keeping you in prayers— Lightbulb
7/18/2021Thank you much for your anti cancer info, really appreciated! Best to you! LTHN.
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