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President-Elect The Old Timer's Karma

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2/20/2021Hugs to you ! From Tiger1.
2/19/2021Hello from beeches!
2/10/2021Reported Abusive Post
2/7/2021Have a Blessed Day ! From Tiger1.
2/6/2021Bee ches on gun thread
2/2/2021So good to see you!!! Starbird was here.
1/26/2021Have a Blessed Day ! From Tiger1.
1/15/2021What doesn't kill us...makes us more interesting
1/14/2021Hugs to you ! From Tiger1.
1/14/2021Happy always ~~ Beartrap
1/8/2021Target practice. Bodiless bump
1/4/2021Have a wonderful week! ~ Runningwithscissors <3
1/3/2021Have a Blessed Day ! From Tiger1.
1/3/2021Happy New Year from beeches!
12/27/2020MERRY everything, and HAPPY always. ~~ Beartrap
12/23/2020Have a Blessed Christmas ! From Tiger1.
12/20/2020Merry Christmas - lightchild_uk
12/18/2020Have a great weekend! ~ Runningwithscissors <3
12/9/2020Hugs to you ! From Tiger1.
12/7/2020Green kindness ~~ Beartrap
12/2/2020Though the heavens may fall.
11/27/2020Have a Blessed Day ! From Tiger1.
11/25/2020And you are one of the finest blessings! Happy Thanksgiving from beeches and her daughters
11/20/2020President-Elect Murfee
11/17/2020Dopamine Green... Covid19
11/13/2020Hugs to you ! From Tiger1.
11/9/2020Thank you !!! Covid19
11/9/2020Best to you. LTHN.
11/7/2020Good thread-JRAM
11/7/2020People wanted to believe in a lie so badly and now they are paying the price--Lightning Chakra
11/7/2020Hello from beeches!
11/1/2020Have a Blessed Day ! From Tiger1.
10/29/2020Green kindness ~~ Beartrap
10/27/2020Hiya again, beeches!
10/21/2020Happy Halloween ! From Tiger1.
10/10/2020Have a great weekend ! From Tiger1.
10/1/2020Green from Beartrap
9/29/2020T-man :D
9/28/2020Have a Blessed Day ! From Tiger1.
9/17/2020Have a Blessed Day ! From Tiger1.
9/14/2020May we be the change we want to see in the world -- Wolf 1776
9/10/2020Beeches says hello!
9/9/2020Thank you for the Birthday wishes! Love Ellusion :)
9/6/2020Have a great holiday
9/5/2020Labor Day Green -- Wolf 1776
9/4/2020GreenTard was here ~ WyatteSmith
8/28/2020Friday Green -- Wolf 1776
8/25/2020Have a Blessed Day ! From Tiger1.
8/19/2020Karma Bump -- Wolf 1176
8/14/2020Have a Blessed Day ! From Tiger1.
8/10/2020Non-quarantine Green -- Wolf 1776
8/4/2020What sweet green! beeches
8/3/2020Always love and truth. Soup
7/30/2020Have a Blessed Day ! From Tiger1.
7/22/2020Non-quarantine Green -- Wolf 1776
7/20/2020Either you live for something worth dying for....or you rot away and die on the installment plan
7/20/2020I am all for stopping illegal immigration , but I have been saying the same thing for a few years about the walls. It never set well with me. -InPneuma
7/19/2020Hugs to you ! From Tiger1.
7/8/2020Green Hugs from Red Hot Chilean Pepe.
7/7/2020For your threads ! From Tiger1.
7/1/2020Happy Independence Day -- Wolf 1776
6/30/2020Hope you are allright! Hugs! Red Hot Chilean Pepe.
6/24/2020Hugs to you and your wife! From Tiger1.
6/22/2020Happy Belated Father's Day. You raised very fine sons. ~ Avenger1
6/22/2020LIke this and I'm just across the river from Bettendorf
6/22/2020Good luck to you son! - Blue State Rebel
6/22/2020Hugs and prayers. - clevercreator
6/22/2020Prayers for your sons and for you- ScarlettRedfern
6/22/2020God bless you, your son, and all of his friends.
6/22/2020Posted a thread that was pinned
6/22/2020I hope your son does not get into trouble, albeit I understand how pissed he must be to do what he is doing. Hugs from Red Hot Chilean Pepe.
6/21/2020A thank you to your sons for their service and prayers for the safety of your son and his friends. ~Littlebit
6/21/2020God Bless your son and friends Lance from BC
6/20/2020Stay safe on the streets! Hawk-03
6/18/2020Here is some green for your wife's swift recovery! ~Snuffie
6/16/2020Good news! MySoul
6/16/2020Summer Green - Wolf 1776
6/14/2020Praying for your dear wife's hip surgery! Bless You Both, Gyro Geargoose
6/13/2020Saturday Green for you sent with prayers for your Wife! Red Hit Chilean Pepe.
6/11/2020Praying for your wife and you as well. NOLAangel
6/11/2020Prayers form your wife ! From Tiger1.
6/11/2020Hugs and prayers. - clevercreator
6/11/2020Loads of prayers and <3 <3 <3
6/11/2020Prayers sent. SkinnyChic
6/11/2020All the best for you and the Mrs. Sloane
6/11/2020Praying for you and your wife - Mr. obvious
6/11/2020Prayers and love, SweetB
6/11/2020I pray God blesses you and all of your family.
6/11/2020Prayers for your wife Old Timer from AnAverageAmericanPatr​iot
6/11/2020Prayers for your wife- Ursabruin
6/11/2020Prayers will be sent Old Timer
6/11/2020Look out for falling stues! Hawk-03
6/11/2020Many prayers to you and your wife <3 - Turtle
6/5/2020Belated Birthday Green!!!! Hugs!!! Red Hot Chilean Pepe.
6/3/2020More green 4 u -- Wolf 1776
5/29/2020Have a great weekend ! From Tiger1.
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